add nexball in server.cfg
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / server / server.cfg
2009-07-02 mrbougoadd nexball in server.cfg
2009-06-23 m0rfar* New race map! CyberParcour01 by Sev
2009-04-29 esteeladded net_address to server.cfg and some minor changes
2009-04-28 esteelrenamed the !@#$% player_fbskin_* and sv_defaultplayer_...
2009-04-06 esteeladd $g_nexuizversion to the hostname(s)
2009-03-10 esteellast checking works, so use gametype in server.cfg
2009-03-05 div0make movetoteam_auto votable, and movetoteam_<color...
2009-02-28 m0rfarsynced the default maplist (excluded turret_test)
2009-01-15 esteelmove the server examples out of Docs and into a dir...