fix broken rifle ring
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / server / rcon2irc /
2009-10-20 now allows multiple instances of rcon2irc...
2009-10-03 IRC color output fixes from rcon2irc
2009-09-24 div0more rcon2irc fun
2009-09-21 div0fix one more place wiht color code
2009-09-21 div0fix for weird IRC clients
2009-09-15 fruitiexrcon2irc plugins by merlijn
2009-08-18 fruitiextwo rcon2irc plugins by Mattias
2009-06-01 div0rcon2irc enhancements by merlijn
2009-05-25 div0same rcon change
2009-05-14 div0print pure check details to IRC
2009-04-27 div0better detect teamplay
2009-04-09 div0secure auth now also in rcon2irc
2009-03-30 div0new qnet auth
2009-02-10 div0handle "cannot send to channel" errors by reconnecting too
2009-02-10 div0fix two bugs in reconnecting code
2009-02-10 div0change hardcoded 30s to a irc_reconnect_delay var
2009-02-10 div0fix the last commit
2009-02-10 div0irc_nick_alternates;
2009-02-10 mand1ngafixed msg when changing nick (courtesy of Surb and...
2009-02-07 div0fix neg ascores
2009-02-05 div0remove debug prints from rcon2irc
2009-01-26 div0fix color translation
2009-01-15 esteelmove the server examples out of Docs and into a dir...