added Vampire mode to menu and default.cfg
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / scmenu / creategame /
2005-06-17 blackhc-Changed SwitchButton to use stepValue instead of 1.0.
2005-04-17 blackhc-Changed the //s to an Ignore block.
2005-04-17 blackhc-MapList should now be refreshed every time the menu...
2005-04-15 vermeulenlRemoved bots from the menu
2005-04-14 blackhc-Changed a few items to use derive from Nex_Option_Switch.
2005-04-02 blackhc-Moved Weapon and Server to Create Game (now known...
2005-03-28 blackhc-Added maplist support
2005-03-16 blackhc-Added some #define constants and a template for Item_List.