added secondary fire zoom on nex
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / qcsrc / gamec / cl_client.c
2005-05-30 lordhavocadded secondary fire zoom on nex
2005-05-30 lordhavocimplemented rocket and electro fly sounds
2005-05-30 vermeulenlcommented out bot impulses
2005-05-21 maikmertentypo
2005-05-21 maikmertenalways check playermodels on change
2005-05-21 maikmertenbetter check for playermodels
2005-05-14 lordhavocrenamed nullfunction to SUB_Null and gave it a definiti...
2005-05-11 lordhavocmade announcer code work properly
2005-05-09 vermeulenlchanged the electro explosion
2005-04-27 vermeulenlfixed a bug with the last commit
2005-04-27 vermeulenlChanged the deathtime
2005-04-19 lordhavocadded many g_balance cvars and renamed cl_weapon_ cvars...
2005-04-18 lordhavocimplemented slime/lava sizzle sound
2005-04-10 lordhavocdisable colormod when teamplay is off (as per Vermeulen...
2005-04-08 lordhavoccleaned up effects handling in powerup code, so that...
2005-04-04 lordhavocimplemented colormod hack
2005-04-04 lordhavoccommented out speed/slowmo related stuff
2005-04-04 vermeulenlMoved Nex shot back
2005-03-30 vermeulenlUpdated powerup models
2005-03-27 lordhavocfixed the buttonchat bubble logic (was showing it when...
2005-03-25 maikmerten*** empty log message ***
2005-03-24 lordhavocimplemented (untested) chatbubble code
2005-03-24 lordhavocadded ctf and domination map support (uses g_ctf and...
2005-03-23 vermeulenlGod rid of slowmo and speed powerups, now only strength...
2005-03-22 lordhavocadded powerup glows
2005-03-22 lordhavocimplemented timelimit, fraglimit, end of level intermis...
2005-03-21 lordhavocmade lava and slime kill a lot faster (probably still...
2005-03-08 vermeulenlMade it so you can change your skin whenever
2005-03-01 vermeulenlSavageX's mapcfg loading code
2005-02-24 vermeulenlGot rid of the gamecfgs stuff, added timing for the...
2005-02-20 vermeulenlVarious small items
2005-02-15 vermeulenlMade 'impulse 13' copy the exact position, model, and...
2005-02-11 lordhavocnow sets fixangle and resets punchangle and punchvector...
2005-02-11 vermeulenlAdded bots again
2005-02-09 lordhavocmade cl_client.c compile again - you can not assign...
2005-02-09 lordhavocremoved 'big fall' death code
2005-02-08 vermeulenlAdded crylink trails
2005-02-07 lordhavocallow changing player model while alive
2005-02-07 lordhavocmade kill command work
2005-02-07 lordhavocuse all 4 hitground sounds, not just the first 3
2005-02-07 lordhavocremoved aliases from qc, added them to default.cfg
2005-02-01 vermeulenlAdded water drowning
2005-01-28 lordhavocjumpjet test code (disabled)
2005-01-17 vermeulenlAdded more push when shot with bullets
2005-01-15 vermeulenlUpdated TODO
2005-01-14 lordhavocnextthink = -1 is bad, set it to 0
2005-01-09 seienabunaeSome changes to the grenade launcher and shotgun that...
2004-12-16 vermeulenlChange some damages
2004-12-08 vermeulenlAdded "flash.md3" to rocket launcher
2004-11-26 vermeulenlGot rid of third attack and replaced it with a zoom
2004-11-22 vermeulenlMore Vortex changes
2004-11-02 vermeulenlUpdating