added Vampire mode to menu and default.cfg
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / qcsrc / default.cfg
2005-06-18 maikmertenadded Vampire mode to menu and default.cfg
2005-06-03 vermeulenlUpdated defaults
2005-05-30 lordhavocchanged sv_maxairspeed to 100
2005-05-30 lordhavocimplemented rocket and electro fly sounds
2005-05-25 lordhavocadded cl_movement_* defaults and some other stuff
2005-05-14 lordhavocrenamed nullfunction to SUB_Null and gave it a definiti...
2005-05-04 lordhavocmajor cleanup of default.cfg
2005-04-04 lordhavoccommented out speed/slowmo related stuff
2005-03-24 lordhavocadded ctf and domination map support (uses g_ctf and...
2005-03-18 vermeulenlChanged vsync to 0
2005-03-14 vermeulenlAdded g_casings, changed the laser damage/speed, and...
2005-03-02 vermeulenli forgot this
2005-02-07 lordhavocremoved aliases from qc, added them to default.cfg
2005-01-28 lordhavoccrylink projectiles redesigned (it now resembles a...