changed configs using r_hdr to use r_bloom instead for performance
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / pro /
2008-01-15 div0updated weaponsPro.cfg
2008-01-09 lordhavocupdated pro default.cfg to match the nexuiz one
2007-12-07 lordhavocimplemented models/player/whatever.md3.animinfo file...
2007-12-01 lordhavocrebalanced pro - need feedback
2007-10-13 lordhavocupdated default.cfg to match that of data/
2007-07-04 lordhavocadded onslaught mode
2007-06-21 esteelmerged sv_maxrate, skill_auto, g_maplist, disable joyst...
2007-06-01 lordhavocuse the new hud in pro and the old hud in normal nexuiz
2007-05-30 div0Pro: make r_ambient a seta; add culling settings
2007-05-23 esteelsynced pro configs with normal configs
2007-05-18 esteelwe will reslime everything!! even those nasty pro playe...
2007-05-07 div0keyhunt -> pro
2007-05-06 m0rfarMade spawn sound optional, on by default. The ladder...
2007-05-05 lordhavocreenabled sv_precacheplayermodels
2007-05-04 lordhavocchanged default crosshair in pro from 5 (which looks...
2007-05-04 lordhavocvery major cleanup of precache code, this patch reduced...
2007-05-03 lordhavocturned off g_shootfromeye in pro because it looks bizarre
2007-05-03 lordhavocrefactored/cleaned W_SetupShot
2007-04-25 lordhavocupdated pro with the recent changes to default.cfg
2007-04-24 lordhavocupdated the quality configs to be much more appropriate
2007-04-22 lordhavoceven slower machinegun experiment
2007-04-22 lordhavocmore tweaks, changed machinegun back from minigun speed...
2007-04-14 lordhavocweapons now have force settings
2007-03-15 esteelmerged some of the data/default.cfg changes into pro...
2007-01-21 div0merge default.cfg -> pro
2006-12-29 savagexbegin working on "Pro mode".