misc_laser is now client side too (untested too)
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / misc /
2008-08-22 div0autoshader: actually write "map $lightmap" right
2008-08-02 div0build script update (csqc)
2008-07-30 div0warning fix
2008-07-30 div0oops ;)
2008-07-30 div0fix brightspot tool, support it in autoshader
2008-07-30 div0add shell script running brightspot... and it indeed...
2008-07-30 div0start of a bright spot finder for skyboxes
2008-07-30 div0script to automatically create shaders for textures...
2008-07-29 div0patchset fixed for current svn
2008-07-29 div0don't need the old-q3map2 patches any more
2008-07-28 div0csqc archive now does branch too
2008-07-28 div0makefile only exists since -r3789
2008-07-28 div0fix...
2008-07-28 div0csqc version archive
2008-07-28 div0oops... return
2008-07-28 div0add crc16 code
2008-07-27 div0fix some bugs :P
2008-07-27 div0add ttf2conchars (very hard to use)
2008-07-13 div0ZeroRadiant svn now also applied the "bpsurfacedialog...
2008-07-10 div0remove the patches that are applied in current GtkRadia...
2008-07-09 div0add spawnflag boxes
2008-07-09 div0add brush primitives fixes
2008-07-02 div0more changes needed for Zero
2008-07-02 div0fix version string
2008-07-02 div0fix patches for ZeroRadiant
2008-06-22 div0added build publishing instructions when non-test build...
2008-06-19 div0fix zipdiff
2008-06-19 div0for more efficient patch, do the audio track renames...
2008-06-19 div0make zipdiff -x also skip deletions
2008-05-24 div0remove r_glsl 0 for OS X - it seems to work fine for...
2008-05-08 tzorkNew libpng12.dll (note renamed from libpng13.dll, but...
2008-05-08 div0possibly entirely broken, possibly a new libpng build...
2008-04-24 div0apply the patch rename to the diff too
2008-04-24 div0oops, this q3map2 patch was misnamed
2008-04-04 esteelcorrected typo reported by Green, aneurism is wrong...
2008-03-21 esteelusing dyndns now
2008-03-20 div0makebuild fixed again :P
2008-03-19 div0oops, another bug in there
2008-03-19 div0fix makebuild
2008-03-15 div0test: another build machine
2008-03-10 div0for now, use DirectSound again - waveOut has some issue...
2008-03-08 div0remove -I flag on OS X for SDL (because that's in makef...
2008-03-08 div0make build script also do hotfixes; use mac.alientrap.org
2008-03-03 div0add GtkRadiant patch set
2008-03-02 div0work around 7zip permissions bug
2008-03-01 div0oops. Bug in copystrip.
2008-03-01 div07za can't be a variable :(
2008-03-01 div0handle / in copystrip names
2008-03-01 div0fix ChangeLog path
2008-03-01 div0add nexuiz-data-base-revision.txt ChangeLog
2008-03-01 div0sh sucks... can't use 7za as variable name
2008-03-01 div0build script for at.org
2008-02-27 div0update makebuild.sh to Blub's server for now
2008-02-13 div0(OSX) new icon
2008-02-07 div0sing up fedora
2008-02-03 div0fix TINY bug in nexuiz-map-compiler
2008-01-29 div0no longer use nexuiz-2.0 branch
2008-01-25 div0div0test is no more
2008-01-03 div0prepare some of the changes from player-voice to player...
2008-01-02 div0skin system for menu (menu_skin cvar); allow skin defin...
2008-01-02 div0SDL update for Win32
2008-01-02 div0OS X: SDL 1.2.13
2008-01-02 div0OS X wants a libpng too
2008-01-02 div0update win32 libpng
2008-01-02 div0fix OS X libraries for 10.5 (hopefully)
2008-01-01 div0build script update, can now also make experimental...
2007-12-27 div0add support for exclude patterns to zipdiff, and use...
2007-12-20 div0add zipdiff script
2007-12-15 div0modplug support for all systems (requires locally insta...
2007-11-08 div0Does this zlib work?
2007-11-06 div0let's see if THESE dlls will work
2007-11-02 div0revert broken libjpeg... why did strip break it but...
2007-11-01 div0fteqcc build now with GUI
2007-11-01 div0update libraries for OS X
2007-11-01 div0build script now cross compiles to OS X; also adds...
2007-11-01 div0remove -ppc from OS X binary names
2007-10-31 div0update Win32 DLLs. libvorbis, libvorbisfile and libogg...
2007-10-31 div0OS X: update to SDL 1.2.12
2007-10-31 div0make copystrip use COPYSTRIP_STRIP
2007-10-21 div0cullentities shall use engine defaults, they work well
2007-10-12 div0new build script; fix bug in eX texture (missing transp...
2007-09-27 div0send current state of build script to svn. Build will...
2007-07-08 div0add tool bsp2ent to create ent file from BSP
2007-07-06 div0sv_clmovement_waitforinput 4
2007-05-30 div0Pro: make r_ambient a seta; add culling settings
2007-05-19 div0update server.cfg; enable random map selection by defau...
2007-05-17 div0fix InfoPlist.strings for OS X; libcurl-4
2007-05-08 div0log carried keys as K in sv_eventlog frag output; updat...
2007-05-07 div0showbrand 3
2007-05-05 div0DP does not need q3map2 to break up surfaces
2007-04-30 div0makebuild now makes extra docs zip
2007-04-21 kadaverjack- changed newlines string to #define and added even...
2007-04-20 div0makebuild updated
2007-04-17 div0added a TESTING ONLY branding image
2007-04-16 div0engine is now svn
2007-03-30 div0makebuild updated
2007-01-17 div0only shuffle ONCE, add nexuiz-dinput.bat
2007-01-14 div0produce compatible binaries on FC6
2007-01-12 div0OS X only likes one binary one per dimension
2007-01-05 div0added demo splitter