fixed map list position off-by-one
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / misc /
2006-11-25 div0Version := 2.2svn
2006-08-31 div0now restores shaderlist again and catches Ctrl-C
2006-08-31 div0nexuiz-map-compiler now can read a config file (yes...
2006-08-27 div0zlib updated
2006-08-25 div0added my map compile script to svn
2006-08-22 div0replaced flag icons by "running marine" icons; added...
2006-08-13 div0brand tga for RC2
2006-08-03 div0credit where credit is due
2006-08-03 div0not needed with that
2006-08-03 div0using Script-Fu to generate the branding image...
2006-08-03 div0"Source" of brand.tga files added
2006-08-03 div0RC1 is almost there now
2006-07-24 div0build script can now send branding picture
2006-07-09 div0SDL 1.2.11 for Windows too
2006-07-09 div02nd attempt of updating SDL
2006-07-09 div0updated SDL.framework
2006-07-07 div0perl line had a bug
2006-07-07 div0now it can tag the game version
2006-07-03 div0delete unneeded files..
2006-07-03 div0build scripts: debug infos are kept in an extra zip...
2006-07-03 div0updated build script, security fix in OS X build (new...
2006-06-29 div0updated zlib and libpng because of a security vulnerability
2006-06-20 div02nd argument now is optional
2006-06-20 div0added the 1.5 to 2.0 demo converter
2006-06-20 div0delete .svn directories from OSX build
2006-06-20 div0added misc directory with build scripts and data (note...