Scaled the weapon models down about 30% to match 2.5.2 sizes. Except the tuba, I...
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / misc / tools /
2010-02-20 greenmarineNDR: VirtualDub plug-in, bump dependency version to 0.3
2010-02-20 greenmarineNDR: sample plug-in, bump dependency version to 0.3
2010-02-20 greenmarineNexuiz demo recorder: bump to v0.3
2010-02-18 greenmarineNexuiz Demo Recorder: documented the save/load feature...
2010-02-18 greenmarineNexuizDemoRecorder: added ability to save and load...
2010-02-11 greenmarineNDR: add sample and virtualdub plug-in
2010-02-11 greenmarinemove NDR main program into subfolder
2010-02-11 greenmarinecommit v0.2 of Nexuiz Demo Recorder
2010-01-27 div0remove demosplit
2010-01-27 div0t commit, please reset
2010-01-26 support pk3dir -> pk3 (not tested)
2009-11-24 div0weapon_fireball ent
2009-11-22 div0bugfix for tuba orchestra :P
2009-11-22 div0new midi2cfg config for percussion pack
2009-11-21 div0tuba orchestra improvements, but seems broken at the...
2009-11-14 div0has_alpha function in also detect foo_al...
2009-10-18 div0makebuild: add hash-style=sysv now to 686 build too
2009-10-04 div0fix typo in causing a REALLY bogus hotfix
2009-10-03 div0makebuild fix
2009-10-03 div0upload versioned builds to another dir
2009-10-03 div0cleanup builds first
2009-10-03 div0auto upload builds to offload
2009-10-03 div0win32 build not using the debian chroot any more (pleas...
2009-10-02 div0makefile typo, and firig of eos
2009-10-02 div0enable hotfix
2009-10-02 div0build script update
2009-09-28 div0libjpeg.a, sorry
2009-09-28 div0use jpeg7 for Linux builds, statically
2009-09-26 div0accept more types of comments
2009-09-26 div0allow comments starting with #
2009-09-09 div0new weapon names
2009-08-12 mrbougoforcing unix line endings on sh files and the makefile...
2009-08-06 reenable PPC macs for now; minor fixes
2009-08-06 div0mediasource for tutorial; map compiler script update
2009-08-03 div0add wickedz background building
2009-08-03 div0build script: use git for fteqcc
2009-07-13 div0match also new race records
2009-07-11 div0meta works not like I thought :P
2009-07-08 div0sync entities
2009-06-18 div0midi2cfg improvements ;)
2009-06-15 div0initialize
2009-06-14 div0more elaborate :P
2009-06-14 div0support a new "intermission" command
2009-06-14 div0midi2cfg-ng: new command syntax, support multiple MIDIs...
2009-06-13 div0change $ to @ here too
2009-06-12 div0use dynamic place assignment
2009-06-12 div0rearranged chairs
2009-06-12 div0fix some barrier and note stuff
2009-06-12 div0make proper use of barriers now :P
2009-06-12 div0midi2cfg: use barriers
2009-06-11 div0fix the bot script :P
2009-06-11 div0more midi2cfg stuff :P
2009-06-10 div0bot preallocating; better init handling
2009-06-09 div0fix bug in the .conf
2009-06-09 div0random bot choice should be better
2009-06-09 div0midi2cfg-ng: a rewrite of midi2cfg using a config file...
2009-06-09 div0fix tempo change handling bug
2009-06-09 div0better error message
2009-06-09 div0better display of stuck notes
2009-06-09 div0midi: better channel handling
2009-06-09 div0fix bot allocation. fugue c minor now is 9 bots.
2009-06-08 div0imidi2cfg: more stuff ;) staccato mode switchable,...
2009-06-08 div0better handling of buttons
2009-06-08 div0use the new notes ;)
2009-06-08 div0midi to bot config (not really good yet, probably needs...
2009-06-05 div0html output
2009-06-04 div0refactor only
2009-06-03 div0handle direct conn better
2009-06-03 div0handle porto better
2009-06-03 div0weapon profiler
2009-05-25 div0nexuiz-map-compiler: add option -order vis,light,minimap
2009-05-12 div0also implement errx
2009-05-12 div0remove <err.h> dependency to make it compile on stupid...
2009-05-11 div0hitplot to tga tool
2009-05-02 div0fix the patch building
2009-05-01 div0patch file name
2009-04-26 div0minimap support to nexuiz-map-compiler
2009-04-23 div0allow a .map or .bsp suffix in the command line
2009-04-20 div0build script update
2009-04-19 div0fix bsptool handling _gridsize keys
2009-04-16 div0midi2bgs: handle MIDIs correctly where a note from...
2009-04-16 div0add a MIDI to BGS converter
2009-04-06 div0yet another update to the map compiler. Should now...
2009-04-06 div0improve nexuiz-map-compiler
2009-03-28 div0try adding readme.html
2009-03-26 div0put NetRadiant's NexuizPack here
2009-03-18 div0netradiant r222
2009-03-16 div0fix typo
2009-03-08 div0demotc: support client->server packets
2009-03-07 div0fix typo
2009-03-06 div0fix some stuff, unsupported -> extra
2009-03-06 div0netradiant?
2009-02-22 div0make it support the latest change
2009-02-20 esteelgnah, java.. how could i forget
2009-02-20 esteelset another x bit\
2009-02-20 div0set some x bits
2009-02-17 div0use $PATH
2009-02-13 div0try to make this shader parsing match DP's exactly
2009-02-13 div0oops
2009-02-13 div0compensate for more glitches