updated xcf
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / misc / mediasource / models /
2009-04-05 morphednew weapon sources
2009-03-30 div0fuel and fuel regen models :)
2009-03-15 motorseph_ weapons source files
2009-03-15 motorsepSource files (blends and md5s) for h_ weapons
2009-02-26 m0rfarFixed rocket ammo by ai. It's straight and touches...
2009-02-24 m0rfardom point sources
2009-02-07 m0rfarBaked Ambient Occlusion on Rocket ammo.
2009-02-06 m0rfarMore rocket ammo tweakz0r
2009-02-06 m0rfarrocket ammo tweakz0r
2009-02-05 m0rfarNew rocket ammo model by ai
2009-02-05 m0rfarMG ammo texture tweaks. And down-sized to 512x512
2009-02-03 m0rfarnew mg ammo + source by ai
2009-01-15 esteelsomewhat huge directory restructuring, all non nexuizXX...