more patches: targetname/killtarget handling fixes
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / misc / gtkradiant / gtkradiant-nexuiz-patchset.diff
2008-08-29 div0more patches: targetname/killtarget handling fixes
2008-07-29 div0patchset fixed for current svn
2008-07-13 div0ZeroRadiant svn now also applied the "bpsurfacedialog...
2008-07-10 div0remove the patches that are applied in current GtkRadia...
2008-07-09 div0add spawnflag boxes
2008-07-09 div0add brush primitives fixes
2008-07-02 div0more changes needed for Zero
2008-07-02 div0fix version string
2008-07-02 div0fix patches for ZeroRadiant
2008-04-24 div0apply the patch rename to the diff too
2008-03-03 div0add GtkRadiant patch set