Scaled the weapon models down about 30% to match 2.5.2 sizes. Except the tuba, I...
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / misc / buildfiles / osx /
2010-01-04 blub0added libfreetype.dylib for osx
2009-08-11 mrbougonew OSX libs from merlijn
2009-08-04 div0add missing libpng
2009-08-04 div0here are the dylibs again
2009-08-04 div0remove all dylibs, for adding them in next commit
2009-08-04 div0add back the symlinks
2009-08-04 div0OS X dylibs - step 1
2008-05-24 div0remove r_glsl 0 for OS X - it seems to work fine for...
2008-05-08 div0possibly entirely broken, possibly a new libpng build...
2008-02-13 div0(OSX) new icon
2008-01-02 div0OS X: SDL 1.2.13
2008-01-02 div0OS X wants a libpng too
2008-01-02 div0fix OS X libraries for 10.5 (hopefully)
2007-12-15 div0modplug support for all systems (requires locally insta...
2007-11-01 div0update libraries for OS X
2007-11-01 div0remove -ppc from OS X binary names
2007-10-31 div0OS X: update to SDL 1.2.12
2007-05-17 div0fix InfoPlist.strings for OS X; libcurl-4
2007-01-12 div0OS X only likes one binary one per dimension
2006-07-09 div02nd attempt of updating SDL
2006-07-09 div0updated SDL.framework
2006-07-03 div0updated build script, security fix in OS X build (new...
2006-06-20 div0added misc directory with build scripts and data (note...