RLE compress exosystem
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data /
2010-03-30 m0rfarRLE compress exosystem div0-stable
2010-03-30 morphedjust a small fix for one texture from eX set
2010-03-30 div0fix annoying sbar font size bug (showing wrong alignmen...
2010-03-30 m0rfarprecache typehit.wav
2010-03-30 m0rfarinfo_location description typo
2010-03-30 m0rfaradded g_respawn_waves cvar description
2010-03-30 m0rfarultra mini typo in a cvar description
2010-03-30 m0rfarcvar typos
2010-03-30 m0rfarambient sound depends on master
2010-03-30 m0rfarDon't try to set a read-only cvar. (r_glsl is vid_gl20...
2010-03-30 div0try to fix map loading of hypergallery
2010-03-30 fruitiexadd z velocity from trace_ent when jumping
2010-03-30 div0less forward acceleration in physicsNoQWBunny please...
2010-03-30 div0no QW bunny physics: adjust aircontrol, friction
2010-03-30 div0fix sideways friction negative
2010-03-30 fruitiexnerf crylink a lot (nexrun) :O
2010-03-30 fruitiex"fix" the jumppads by adding a 2-frame delay for double...
2010-03-30 fruitiexhad forgotten to commit disabling of hagar secondary...
2010-03-03 div0physicsNoQWBunny: way more sideways friction, to apply...
2010-03-02 div0fix a typo
2010-03-02 div0change speed_up_zonly to an extra speed_z variable
2010-03-02 fruitiexupdate the crylink in nexrun balance
2010-03-02 div0added entity documentation for warpzones
2010-03-02 div0fix cursor trace for chase cam
2010-03-02 div0use the correct crosshair trace where needed
2010-03-02 div0fix scale handling
2010-03-02 div0make the cameras actually work
2010-03-02 div0camera support: func_warpzone_camera -> target_position...
2010-03-02 div0provide two alternatives to triger_warpzone--killtarget...
2010-03-02 div0warpzones: make warpzonelib depend less on Nexuiz
2010-03-02 div0optional better warpzone culling: cl_warpzone_usetrace
2010-03-02 div0better rick roll angle handling - cube map is now almos...
2010-03-02 div0fix some angles mess :P
2010-03-02 div0fix abuse of v_ globals :P
2010-03-02 div0disable the sidespeed/forwardspeed disabling workaround...
2010-03-02 div0lots of simplifaction of the trace function of warpzones
2010-03-02 div0change the sense of the transform in findradius
2010-03-02 div0hide the glitch when warpzone changes angles by almost...
2010-03-02 div0ignore refsys in findradius
2010-03-02 div0minor code cleanup; mark bug as todo
2010-03-02 div0handle traces correctly if starting inside a warpzone
2010-03-02 div0use r_drawexteriormodel to hide graphics glitch
2010-03-02 div0fix nearclip threshold
2010-03-02 div0hook now working!
2010-03-02 div0we don't need preshift, all transforms can be represent...
2010-03-02 div0fix multi-zone impacts
2010-03-02 div0fix RL
2010-03-02 div0fix fireball
2010-03-02 div0fix electro combos through warpzones
2010-03-02 div0findradius wrapper - more guns work now
2010-03-02 div0TODO update
2010-03-02 div0properly transport projectiles
2010-03-02 div0TODO file: add weapon support list
2010-03-02 div0remove a TODO item
2010-03-02 div0now bullets support warpzones too
2010-03-02 div0warpzone: fix nex shot origin
2010-03-02 div0nex also supports warpzones now
2010-03-02 div0MinstaNex now can shoot through warpzones... using...
2010-03-02 div0fix porto
2010-03-02 div0turn the angles the other way for consistency
2010-03-02 div0todo
2010-03-02 div0server culling camera support
2010-03-02 div0TODO file
2010-03-02 div0more warpzone fixes - now angled warpzones work too
2010-03-02 div0missing file change
2010-03-02 div0move mathlib into warpzonelib too
2010-03-02 div0license typo fixed
2010-03-02 div0make warpzonelib depend less on Nexuiz
2010-03-02 div0warpzonelib - the beginning
2010-03-02 div0require only one of the two entities to target the...
2010-03-02 div0fix in-solid players after warpzoning
2010-03-02 div0warpzones: properly account for lag - predict them...
2010-03-02 tzorkVehicle Spiderbot:
2010-03-02 tzorkNew hud for spiderbot and racer
2010-03-02 div0fix cursor trace start/endpos for chase cam
2010-03-02 div0hm... does cl_prydoncursor -1 really do what I want...
2010-03-02 div0also force cl_prydoncursor_notrace to 0 if antilag...
2010-03-02 div0get rid of lots of prydon cursor trace use, only tZork...
2010-03-02 div0GDB_ME env variable runs a test case in gdb now
2010-03-02 div0add dprint, ftos, vtos to the functions a test case...
2010-03-02 div0test case framework
2010-03-02 tzorkVehicle racer:
2010-03-02 fruitiexfix typo
2010-03-02 fruitiexset rl detonatedelay to 9999, make electro an LG instea...
2010-03-02 tzorkfix warning
2010-03-02 esteeladd a missing ;
2010-03-02 esteelmore work on the menu animation framework, now it has...
2010-03-02 tzorkTurret fusionreactor:
2010-03-02 fruitiexnew cvar: allow grenade speed_up to only affect z-axis...
2010-03-02 fruitiexoops, forgot the crylink code
2010-03-02 fruitiexresurrect the nexrun dm stuff with a *few* changes :)
2010-03-02 fruitiexcorrect a typo in accident's mapinfo file
2010-03-02 esteelmore anim math functions, some restructuring.. need...
2010-02-22 div0 div0@f962a42d... UNMERGE
2010-02-22 esteellittle renaming and an extra check
2010-02-22 esteelWIP of a simple general purpose animation framework...
2010-02-18 tzorkBetter "drop to ground" for vehicles and moving turrets.
2010-02-16 div0shootfromfixedorigin should override shootfromclient...
2010-02-15 div0fix glowmod use (we can't use that before 2.6)
2010-02-14 fruitiexcredits updates