Renamed remotely
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data /
2006-01-01 urreRenamed remotely
2006-01-01 urreRenamed remotely
2006-01-01 urreRenamed remotely
2006-01-01 urreRenamed remotely
2006-01-01 savagexswitch some .spr files to .spr2 format
2005-12-31 savagexrunematch rebalance
2005-12-29 esteelcolor control is now a switch instead of a slider
2005-12-29 savagexmove navnode lists to ./maps
2005-12-29 savagexupdated descriptions for nexdm15
2005-12-29 savagexswitch to memory saving sprites. Several megabytes...
2005-12-29 lordhavocchanged skin name from LDArl.tga to ldarl.tga
2005-12-27 esteelhw gamma is now a switch instead of a slider
2005-12-27 esteelcolor 0 now has a graphic too
2005-12-27 savagexwhite color for color selector
2005-12-27 savagexmenuqc: fix player shirt/pants color being swapped
2005-12-27 kadaverjackremoved missing sounds
2005-12-26 savagexuse new color gfx for player setup menu
2005-12-26 savagexnew color gfx for the player setup menu
2005-12-26 savagexcolor handling: tidy up
2005-12-26 savagexupdate color handling
2005-12-22 savagexnexdm09: add one missing clip-brush
2005-12-22 savagexnavnodes for nexdm09
2005-12-21 aviroxAdded Urrebot
2005-12-21 aviroxCopied remotely
2005-12-21 urreForgot a couple of files
2005-12-21 urreAdded Urrebots, beware of bugs, thanks to SavageX and...
2005-12-21 aviroxadded urrebots
2005-12-21 aviroxRemoved file/folder
2005-12-21 urreAdded a folder remotely
2005-12-21 urreRemoved file/folder
2005-12-21 urreAdded a file remotely
2005-12-21 savagexmorphed's jumppad
2005-12-21 savagexnexdm15 with new jumppads
2005-12-20 savagexbumps for morphed's teleporter model
2005-12-20 savagexcorrected texture path in morphed's teleporter
2005-12-20 savagexmorphed's teleporter map model
2005-12-20 savagexnexdm10 has no machinegun - so it shouldn't have ammo...
2005-12-20 strahlemannadded names to dom-points
2005-12-20 strahlemannadded names to Domination Control-points
2005-12-20 savagexupdate nexdm15 (thanks to morfar)
2005-12-20 kadaverjacknew skin previews
2005-12-19 kadaverjackadded Morphed's Mulder skin and moved maps/unused to...
2005-12-19 savagexcredit Morfar for his work on nexdm15
2005-12-19 savagexnexdm09: small player-clip fix
2005-12-19 savagexnexdm09: make it faster
2005-12-18 savagexnexdm09: small fixup and desperate attempts to speed...
2005-12-18 kadaverjackops, i messed up kill-on-teamchange...
2005-12-18 blackRemove support for "green" from selectteam and change...
2005-12-18 savagexadded GreEn`mArine to the thanks section (he did the...
2005-12-17 savagexreworked map descriptions - thanks to GreEn`mArine
2005-12-17 kadaverjackfixed some bugs with scoretransfer on teamchange
2005-12-17 savagexdm_nexdmctf02 is dm map
2005-12-17 savagexmove ztnex01.txt into attic
2005-12-17 savagexmove nexdmxx.txt into attic (not used anymore, dm_nexdm...
2005-12-17 savagexplayer options: rename Team color to Pants color
2005-12-17 savagexadd dm_nexdmctf02 and ctf_nexctf02 to default cycle
2005-12-17 savagexrename dm_nexctf02 to dm_nexdmctf02
2005-12-17 esteeladvanced voting :)
2005-12-17 esteelcorrected tznex01 descriptions again
2005-12-16 esteelcorrected tznex01 descriptions
2005-12-14 kadaverjackops, forgot to remove a stupid debug bprint before...
2005-12-13 kadaverjackfixed bots (no more spectating bots at mapchange) and...
2005-12-13 lcatlnxsoundreorga - changed filenames of the announcer sounds...
2005-12-13 lcatlnxsoundreorga 2
2005-12-13 lcatlnxsound reorga
2005-12-12 lcatlnxwelcome announcer sound switched
2005-12-12 esteellms now has a menu of its own
2005-12-12 lcatlnxannouncer sounds and code... announcer sounds are place...
2005-12-12 esteelminstagib/lms menu entries
2005-12-12 kadaverjackfixed wrong carni skin and added Morphed's "Armored...
2005-12-12 kadaverjackfixed various bugs with team selection and created...
2005-12-10 strahlemannminor fixes on nexdm02
2005-12-10 savagexforce frags to zero when doing a cmd join
2005-12-10 savagexintroducing: PINK team - yay!
2005-12-10 savageximprove interaction between spectator mode and team...
2005-12-10 savagexmake sure the player is put correctly into the server...
2005-12-10 blackAdd the alias for menu_showteamselect to default.cfg.
2005-12-10 blackAdd
2005-12-10 blackAdd support for scmenu_directmenu (former menu_directmenu).
2005-12-10 blackAdd the teamselect gfx (added a border to the buttons...
2005-12-10 blackAdd support for cmd selectteam and cmd join to clientco...
2005-12-10 savagexinvoke team selection menu when connected
2005-12-10 savagexsetcolor only takes TWO parameters. Thanks to Black...
2005-12-09 kadaverjackadded FAQ and moved all help files to Docs/
2005-12-09 blackAdded scrollbar picture support (builtin).
2005-12-09 lcatlnxfixed minihealth.ogg & itemrespawn.ogg
2005-12-08 blackRemoved menu/options/ since it has never been...
2005-12-06 strahlemanndm18 map-name changed to "Running Man"
2005-12-06 kadaverjackplayer can drop weapon (impulse 17/bound to backspace)
2005-12-06 lcatlnxsome new sounds...
2005-12-05 strahlemannchanged cd audio for dm18/ctf02
2005-12-05 blackFixed the crosshair selection.
2005-12-05 lcatlnxfixed some pickup sound issues
2005-12-05 lcatlnxnew sounds
2005-12-04 savagexstop bandwidth waste with welcome-messages
2005-12-04 savagexwelcome-message only in observer mode (not spectator...
2005-12-04 savagexmerge observer-message with welcomemessage
2005-12-04 strahlemannAdded RTLights for nexdm18/ctf02
2005-12-04 savagexuse g_nexuizversion_major for version information
2005-12-03 savagexuse g_nexuizversion_gamedata to compare server and...