remove some undefined cvar accessing
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data /
2009-11-29 div0remove some undefined cvar accessing
2009-11-29 div0new cvar checking: bail out if an undefined cvar is...
2009-11-29 div0try improving warmup weapon selection code; also:
2009-11-29 morphedupdated menu picture of Xolar
2009-11-28 fruitiexadd a special g_start_weapon_* mode -2, "provide the...
2009-11-28 fruitiexadd warmup support to clan arena
2009-11-28 fruitiexprecache red/blue team scores sounds for ca
2009-11-28 morphednew Xolar model and textures
2009-11-27 div0stupid cvar for mapinfo type forcing
2009-11-27 div0fix crash when allowing unsupported modes
2009-11-26 fruitiexadd jointypes to eventlogs and disable the teamnagger...
2009-11-24 div0add missing weapon_fireball ent
2009-11-23 m0rfarreally fix a tiny strength bug: #586
2009-11-23 div0reduce tuba bandwidth even more
2009-11-23 div0mapinfo: don't refuse unsupported game types if they...
2009-11-22 div0fix that one gettaginfo use for updown aiming with...
2009-11-22 div0fixing teleport waypoints in scripting
2009-11-22 div0tuba: make it less of a BW hog
2009-11-22 div0fix typo
2009-11-22 div0try to support teleport waypoints in waypoint walking
2009-11-22 div0telefrag avoidance feature
2009-11-21 div0fix bug in bot scripting causing wrong tuba notes
2009-11-21 div0cvar hashes only
2009-11-21 div0a new radarmap mode --lineblock for debugging traceline...
2009-11-21 div0playerdemo: commands for auto reading/wriitng
2009-11-21 div0forgot these two files for playerdemos
2009-11-21 div0playerdemos - recording actions of a player and playing...
2009-11-21 div0fix minor typos in gauntlet and lighting gun code
2009-11-19 lordhavocfix a bug with ekg (players were not gibbing on death)
2009-11-19 mrbougoFruitieX, you broek mah effects! I guess this was accid...
2009-11-19 fruitiexprecache the gauntlet sound
2009-11-19 fruitiexexperimental gauntlet, use it in nexrun, do a small...
2009-11-18 fruitiexuse crylink_fire2.wav instead, sounds much better when...
2009-11-18 fruitiexexperimental lightningun, used in the nexrun balance
2009-11-17 fruitiexadd cvar: sbar_timer_scale which allows scaling the...
2009-11-17 fruitiexpatch by Spaceman: bots send accuracy data but never...
2009-11-16 fruitiexPatch by Spaceman: Allow viewing the accuracy stats...
2009-11-16 div0slightly improved tuba note handling
2009-11-15 div0tuba: great new code that can hold notes
2009-11-15 div0more tuba goodness (audio files only)
2009-11-15 fruitiexadd us dvorak to input-tuba.cfg :P
2009-11-15 div0way improved tuba config (also with keyboard support...
2009-11-14 div0fix typo
2009-11-14 div0sync extensions
2009-11-14 div0match up documentation because it now uses double quotes
2009-11-14 div0document getextresponse
2009-11-14 samualphysicsSamual.cfg: Change sv_accelerate value from...
2009-11-14 fruitiexfix friendlyfire check in ca, add ca support for silvercity
2009-11-14 lordhavocenable spread on weapons
2009-11-14 div0change a shot origin error to warning
2009-11-12 samualUpdate physicsSamual.cfg, and add sv_stopspeed to all...
2009-11-11 div0more fixing :P
2009-11-11 div0add comment
2009-11-11 div0oops, needed to lower tuba damage/force then :P
2009-11-11 div0WAY better tuba thanks to CSQC magic.
2009-11-11 fruitiexclean up CA and add some standard CA stuff like startin...
2009-11-10 fruitiexupdate cvar checksums
2009-11-10 fruitiexCommit the new clan arena mod, as well as make the...
2009-11-10 fruitiexREALLY fix it this time.
2009-11-10 fruitiexfix division by zero
2009-11-10 fruitiexbalance changes
2009-11-09 div0more waits :P
2009-11-09 div0better isnan()
2009-11-09 fruitiexflip column/row highligthing, remove the blinking text...
2009-11-09 div0fix running guns
2009-11-08 div0work around fteqcc bug
2009-11-08 div0fix checkextension decl
2009-11-08 div0remove debug print
2009-11-08 div0make it work even if someone changes the files :P
2009-11-08 div0logarithm
2009-11-08 samualg_nodepthtestitems -- Allows you to disable depth testi...
2009-11-08 m0rfarcompiled now. fixed #589, overcaulked lift on strength
2009-11-08 div0remove log and exp from gamecommand again as log is...
2009-11-08 div0log() function is now a builtin (this means we need...
2009-11-08 div0fix some constants
2009-11-08 div0fix warning
2009-11-08 div0fix some mathlib bugs
2009-11-08 samualg_nodepthtestplayers -- Allows you to disable depth...
2009-11-08 m0rfarfixing insignificant z-fighting on soylent. bug #448
2009-11-08 div0redundant redundant M_PI
2009-11-08 div0get rid of sqrt2 hardcoded
2009-11-08 div0simpler gaussian distribution code
2009-11-08 tzorkRacer: return to spawn if left ("alive")for some time...
2009-11-08 div0fix stddev of gaussian dist
2009-11-08 div0add back the falloff curve that was MEANT to be linear...
2009-11-08 div0now with REAL linear falloff (old formula was wrong)
2009-11-08 fruitiexenable gauss 2D spread, double bullet count on shotgun...
2009-11-08 fruitiexfix team coloring on accuracy panel, add support for...
2009-11-08 samualMake the text of scoreboard table headers brighter
2009-11-07 div0fix comments :P
2009-11-07 div0yet another style: linear falloff
2009-11-07 div0different probability distributions for spread (quake...
2009-11-07 fruitiexshow the accuracy stats panel even if there are no...
2009-11-07 fruitiexadd accuracy stats to the scoreboard, replace accuracy...
2009-11-07 div0comment fixes
2009-11-07 div0put mathlib under MIT license
2009-11-07 div0add a crude version of <math.h> to QC
2009-11-07 m0rfarremove weapon_seeker from entities.def
2009-11-07 m0rfarMake Radiant load the shaders for electro, gl and sg
2009-11-07 div0remove an unused function