tidy up gfx
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data /
2005-12-03 savagextidy up gfx
2005-12-03 savagexscaled menu background to be more memory friendly
2005-12-03 savagexmake shirt colors more sane (no global var but store...
2005-12-01 strahlemannadditional textures (jumppads) for dm18
2005-11-30 strahlemannnexdm16 + nexctf02 added. rtlights will be added tomorrow
2005-11-30 strahlemannskybox for nexdm18/ctf02
2005-11-30 strahlemannupdated shader
2005-11-27 savagexshirts are now working (this is done in an ugly way...
2005-11-27 savagexdrop tznexdm1 map from map cycle
2005-11-27 blackChanged the code for offset in such a way that offset...
2005-11-27 blackChanged the background transparency to solid and remove...
2005-11-27 blackNew background, new cursor picture (less wasted space...
2005-11-26 savagexnothing to see here, move on
2005-11-26 savagextry to get player shirt working
2005-11-23 savagexundo last texture rename
2005-11-23 savagexmake sure the rocket launcher finds its skin...
2005-11-23 savagexdelete glsl shaders as they usually break with new...
2005-11-23 savagexadd morphed's skins
2005-11-23 savagexlycanthrope now is default skin for lycanthrope.zym...
2005-11-23 savagexproperly move lycanthrope into attic
2005-11-23 savagexwolf is new default skin for lycanthrope
2005-11-23 savagexmove unused skin textures into attic
2005-11-23 savagexheroine is new default skin for jeandarc.zym
2005-11-23 savagexquark is new default skin for crash
2005-11-23 savagexfricka is new default skin for visitant.zym
2005-11-23 savagexmove unused skins into attic
2005-11-22 savagexfix menu picking up old pants color
2005-11-22 savagexdisable debug messages
2005-11-22 savagexnow supporting shirt colors
2005-11-21 savagexadd autoswitch option to menu
2005-11-18 kadaverjacknew gamemode: "Last Man Standing" (g_lms)
2005-11-12 savagexfaster rtlights for nexdm11
2005-11-12 savagexresize map thumbnails to sane sizes
2005-11-12 savagexscaled more menu gfx to have power-of-two dimensions
2005-11-12 savagexresize menu background to have integer powers of two...
2005-11-12 savageximprove readability by inserting newlines
2005-11-12 kadaverjackadded minstagib mutator, killmessages and a first bunch...
2005-11-11 savagexdisable HUD hiding when in observer mode as the HUD...
2005-11-11 savagexfix naming collision (Seperator)
2005-11-11 savagexneutral team color for pickup weapons (this time hopefu...
2005-11-11 savagexmeh, previous checkin (neutral color for pickup wepons...
2005-11-11 savagexgive pickup weapons a grey colormap (instead of a black...
2005-11-11 lcatlnxhook soundcaching fix
2005-11-11 lcatlnxweaponsounds, defaultmodel, electrocombo, specmode...
2005-11-10 esteelhoming missles from Wazat, minor menu corrections
2005-11-10 savagexcredits with UNIX line endings
2005-11-10 savagexup Nexuiz version to 1.3
2005-11-09 esteelnew menu from morphed
2005-11-09 esteelminor corrections to join msg, autoswitch
2005-11-09 esteelcheck clientversion on connect, motd prepared
2005-11-09 esteelautoswitch added
2005-11-08 savagexnew version of nexdm02
2005-11-08 savagexnew team member: KadaverJack
2005-11-08 savagexcredit KadaverJack for being generally helpful
2005-11-08 savagexno damage when gameover (thanks KadaverJack)
2005-11-08 savagexapply KadaverJack's patch to avoid slime damage when...
2005-11-08 savagexmore sane rtlights for nexdmextra1
2005-11-08 savagexminor corrections
2005-11-08 savagexmove betacredits.txt into data
2005-11-08 savagexdelete old betacredits
2005-11-08 savagexsmallish map bugfixes
2005-11-07 savagexmodify path of menu.dat according to new structure
2005-11-07 savagexmove default.cfg from qcsrc to data
2005-11-07 savagexdelete old default.cfg
2005-11-07 savagexcommit 1.2.1 game media
2005-11-07 savagexrename menu directories
2005-11-07 savagexgive menu source its own directory
2005-11-07 savagexrestructure