forgot this one
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data /
2009-01-15 div0forgot this one
2009-01-15 div0csqcprojectiles: make them more readable; make turrets...
2009-01-15 div0egyptsoc texture set
2009-01-15 div0fix some silly "self.nextthink = time + cvar("sys_ticra...
2009-01-15 div0remove some ?: operators as fteqcc hates them
2009-01-15 mand1ngaFixed typos
2009-01-15 mand1ngaDemo camera improvements:
2009-01-15 div0describe the csqc channel use
2009-01-15 div0shots slider should also control csqc channel 6
2009-01-15 div0only do the sound in somewhat current engines
2009-01-15 div0add the missing files
2009-01-15 div0remove some unnecessary stopsound calls
2009-01-15 div0handle RL, Seeker and Electro projectiles completely...
2009-01-15 m0rfarmoved demos tab to multiplayer dialog
2009-01-15 div0electro: properly clear projectile sound
2009-01-15 esteelsomewhat huge directory restructuring, all non nexuizXX...
2009-01-15 div0make misc_laser more flexible
2009-01-15 div0properly use the base volume for turrets
2009-01-15 div0properly stopsound the rocket fly sound
2009-01-15 div0some centerprint fixes by victim
2009-01-14 m0rfarAdded mand1nga to credits (programmer)
2009-01-14 mand1ngaAdded camera_disable alias
2009-01-14 div0reduce camping rifle secondary damage a bit
2009-01-14 esteelrenamed calltimeout/resumegame to timein/timeout. ...
2009-01-14 div0radarmap: default to the --trace method, as it is faste...
2009-01-14 div0make this a dprint too
2009-01-14 div0this better is a dprint
2009-01-14 div0fix a case where trace_endpos made no sense
2009-01-14 div0fixed important code I killed while trying to kill...
2009-01-14 div0fixed the bug causing sv_cmd radarmap --trace take...
2009-01-14 esteelg_maplist_votable 6 to have two rows full for maps...
2009-01-14 div0monster framework from dpmod
2009-01-13 esteelchanged the teamsize marker to show to all teams except...
2009-01-13 esteeloverhaul of the blueplastic skin
2009-01-13 mand1ngaAdded camera for demo playback.
2009-01-13 div0shuffle maplist only if requested
2009-01-13 div0more file names
2009-01-13 div0also check processed file names
2009-01-13 div0remove a stupid debug print
2009-01-13 div0fix bug regarding radarmapper usage message
2009-01-13 div0fix the cause of radarmap --trace being too dark
2009-01-13 div0fix some div0s in FullTraceFraction
2009-01-13 div0damn typo :P
2009-01-13 div0improve radarmap accuracy a little bit
2009-01-13 div0more stuff to this :P
2009-01-13 div0new options for radarmap: --block (default, old style...
2009-01-13 div0turn traceline_inverted into a tracebox_inverted function
2009-01-13 div0entities.def update by RoKenn
2009-01-13 div0can't fix this portal crash without additional info...
2009-01-12 m0rfarBetter SpawnCasing origins on the 3 guns that use it.
2009-01-12 div0improved weapon stay mode so it no longer affects the...
2009-01-12 div0new mode: g_weapon_stay 2
2009-01-12 div0make projectiles support jumppads
2009-01-11 div0actually stop the electro_fly sound
2009-01-11 esteeladd netgraph to the menu
2009-01-11 esteelsplit an larger if test into several, fixed the team...
2009-01-10 div0make sure the client doesn't load possible old .wav...
2009-01-10 div0fix the file names in the compat pack builder
2009-01-10 div0oggenc and loop properly the medplat wav files
2009-01-10 div0use electro_fly for the secondary, not for the primary
2009-01-10 div0add a test csse for the blur: "blurtest" (only when...
2009-01-10 div0make the Makefile always do update-cvarcount
2009-01-10 div0make voice sounds a bit louder again
2009-01-10 div0cl_voice_directional (play all voices directioanlly)
2009-01-10 div0svc_stopsound; make sure exploding projectiles ALWAYS...
2009-01-09 esteelfix voice flood protection
2009-01-09 esteelvoice flood protection!!!\
2009-01-09 esteelforgot this file when renaming Pro to Havoc
2009-01-09 div0do less audio spam for triggers that don't even respond...
2009-01-09 div0hooray! func_vectormamamam can now also project to...
2009-01-09 tzorkTurret should now work in ONS.
2009-01-09 esteelrip out the server side teamsize comlaining (bprint...
2009-01-09 esteelunneeded variable
2009-01-09 div0func_fourier: default height now is 32
2009-01-09 div0I meant: make func_train able to squish players
2009-01-09 div0make func_train
2009-01-09 div0new moving platforms func_vectormamamam (adds up origin...
2009-01-09 esteeldo not display the team size hint if YOU are in the...
2009-01-09 esteelfix the team size hint, stupid me
2009-01-09 esteelunbalanced teams take THAT!!!!
2009-01-08 esteelfix makefile for phony pk3 even more
2009-01-08 esteelfix makefile for phony pk3
2009-01-08 div0fix the last change
2009-01-08 div0remove these dprints :P
2009-01-08 div0keyhunt: don't assign keys while waiting for game start
2009-01-08 esteelspam spam spam
2009-01-08 div0menu rearrangements
2009-01-08 div0only show errors about broken func_rotatings ONCE;...
2009-01-08 div0cvar cl_taunt_directional
2009-01-08 div0headphone friendly mode
2009-01-08 div0make ONLY taunts use ATTN_MIN (sorry)
2009-01-08 esteelmake those buttons a bit easier to understand
2009-01-08 div0delay taunts by 1 second
2009-01-08 div0slightly reduced CR reload time to be exactly 2 shots
2009-01-08 div0typo fix
2009-01-08 div0draw players from their teams
2009-01-08 div0parse team numbers too
2009-01-08 div0reformat qcstatus explanation
2009-01-08 div0new cvar g_full_getstatus_responses to annoy qstat...
2009-01-08 esteelminor highlight/color changes for the new menuskin