renamed to
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / textures /
2006-06-13 strahlemannadded some bump and gloss maps
2006-06-11 strahlemannhard-fixed glowing textures on runningman_remix (sky...
2006-06-05 div0lossless jpegoptim run saving about 10 megabytes
2006-06-03 savagexnew dsi glass texture
2006-05-29 morphedfix for particles and one nasty texture in nexdm01
2006-05-29 morphedfew new bumpmaps for "evil6_trims"
2006-05-12 savagexfix bumpmap for e8clangfloor
2006-05-09 savagexadd some textures for tymo3dm5
2006-05-08 savagexanother grate texture
2006-05-08 savagexadd yellow gradient for cheap light effect
2006-05-07 savagexsome bumpmaps for evil8 concrete trims
2006-05-06 div0Green's fullbright skins
2006-04-30 lordhavoc4 nexdmextra2 bumpmaps from Morphed, much nicer
2006-04-27 lordhavocfixed light texture in nexdm05
2006-04-17 kadaverjacknew gamemode: arena
2006-04-16 lordhavocremoved this completely black normalmap which was messi...
2006-04-07 savagexsome bumpmaps for evil2_basefloor (not complete)
2006-04-07 strahlemannadded and modified more bump/gloss textures
2006-04-04 strahlemannadded some more bump and gloss maps (the bricks in...
2006-03-31 strahlemannadded correct _glow textures to dsi textures
2006-03-25 savagexevil8_floor: bumps and gloss by Morphed
2006-03-24 savagexsome glossmaps for evil3_floors
2006-03-24 savagexsome glossmaps for evil4_walls
2006-03-24 savagexsome glossmaps for evil6_walls and evil6_floors
2006-03-23 kadaverjackremoved tink1.wav (unused) and converted health25skin_b...
2006-03-23 savagexbumpmaps for evil8_base (by Morphed)
2006-03-22 savagexbump/gloss for evil8_wall (thank you, Morphed)
2006-03-22 savagexnew bump- and glossmap for the healthpack
2006-03-18 savagexbumpmaps for evil1_grates by Morphed
2006-03-18 savagexbumpmaps for evil1_floors from Morphed
2006-03-03 kadaverjackresized invincible texture to 1x1
2006-03-03 kadaverjack- resized strength texture to 1x1 pixel (512x512 for...
2006-02-18 kadaverjack- all rocket launcher models are using the same texture...
2006-02-09 strahlemanngit-svn-id: svn://
2006-02-08 kadaverjackmove old nexskin to attic
2006-02-07 strahlemannadded RTLights and bump-maps to nexdm14
2006-01-31 kadaverjacknew playerskin (Xolar) by Morphed
2006-01-31 strahlemannadding glow textures to dm04
2006-01-30 strahlemannadded new map "Soylent Space" as nexdm14
2006-01-30 kadaverjacknew texture for shotgun ammo
2006-01-28 savagexevil2_baswall bumps
2006-01-26 strahlemannadded bump maps to the textures that are used in dm14
2006-01-24 kadaverjackMorphed's fix for Quark's shirt
2006-01-23 strahlemannfixed minor bugs in dm10/dm18/ctf02/dm18_1on1remix
2006-01-22 strahlemanngit-svn-id: svn://
2006-01-21 kadaverjackfix -hook warning while typing 'e' on the console and...
2006-01-18 strahlemanngit-svn-id: svn://
2006-01-18 strahlemanngit-svn-id: svn://
2006-01-18 strahlemanngit-svn-id: svn://
2006-01-14 strahlemanngit-svn-id: svn://
2006-01-13 strahlemanngit-svn-id: svn://
2006-01-11 strahlemanngit-svn-id: svn://
2006-01-10 kadaverjacktexture update for new nex skin
2006-01-10 kadaverjackMorphed's new Nex model
2006-01-09 strahlemannadded missing textures
2006-01-08 strahlemanngit-svn-id: svn://
2006-01-02 kadaverjackupdates for tattooed carni
2006-01-02 kadaverjackMorphed's update for headhunter_pants
2005-12-19 kadaverjackadded Morphed's Mulder skin and moved maps/unused to...
2005-12-12 kadaverjackfixed wrong carni skin and added Morphed's "Armored...
2005-12-01 strahlemannadditional textures (jumppads) for dm18
2005-11-23 savagexundo last texture rename
2005-11-23 savagexmake sure the rocket launcher finds its skin...
2005-11-23 savagexadd morphed's skins
2005-11-23 savagexlycanthrope now is default skin for lycanthrope.zym...
2005-11-23 savagexproperly move lycanthrope into attic
2005-11-23 savagexwolf is new default skin for lycanthrope
2005-11-23 savagexmove unused skin textures into attic
2005-11-11 lcatlnxweaponsounds, defaultmodel, electrocombo, specmode...
2005-11-08 savagexnew version of nexdm02
2005-11-07 savagexcommit 1.2.1 game media