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2006-06-13 m0rfarDon't picmip those purple circles, they look better...
2006-06-12 m0rfarreverted my changes to the shader and bsp.. since it...
2006-06-11 m0rfarBloodprison:
2006-06-11 savagexuse some proper glass shader for glass tubes
2006-06-11 savagexfix green light tubes in stralenex1.shader
2006-06-10 savagexfix a broken light shader for slimepit
2006-06-10 m0rfarToxic:
2006-06-10 lordhavocfixed grate texture used in warfare to not be mipmapped...
2006-06-03 savagexalter dsi glass shader to use a different texture ...
2006-05-30 savagexfix evil4_metals/mtltekfloor
2006-05-29 savagexanother sky variation in stralenex1.shader
2006-05-26 strahlemannrelighted dm20. sunlight now comes from the direction...
2006-05-16 savagexreaper.shader: add a blackbox sky (no light, plain...
2006-05-09 savagexnothing to see here
2006-05-08 savagexadd another grate texture
2006-05-08 savagexsome shader updates for tymo3dm5 map
2006-05-08 savagexnew variation of one of Strahlemann's skyboxes which...
2006-05-05 lordhavocfixed e8tinylightblue2k shader which is used in nexdm19...
2006-04-28 savagexstralenex1.shader: fix a green light for nexdm14
2006-04-27 lordhavocfixed light texture in nexdm05
2006-04-27 lordhavocmake water be lightmapped
2006-04-27 lordhavocmake the "glow arena" strip lights fullbright
2006-04-25 strahlemannadded new map "Blood Prison" as nexdm19
2006-04-20 lordhavocfixed fullbright shaders in nexdmextra1 (oops)
2006-04-20 lordhavocmore cleanup, and actually added common-spog.pk3 this...
2006-04-20 lordhavoccleanup
2006-04-11 m0rfaradds toxic shader to shaderlist.txt
2006-04-11 m0rfarshader for dm11
2006-03-31 strahlemannminor additions to stralenex1.shader
2006-03-23 savagexnomarks surfaceparm for one of HReaper's skyboxes
2006-03-23 savagexnomarks surfaceparm for sav-graysky skybox
2006-03-16 savagexadd shaderlist for q3map2
2006-02-16 savagexadd liquids shader for DSI
2006-02-16 savagexadd skies/blacksky shader for DSI map
2006-01-30 strahlemannadded new map "Soylent Space" as nexdm14
2006-01-23 strahlemannFixed Sky on nexdm14
2006-01-15 strahlemanngit-svn-id: svn://
2005-12-06 kadaverjackplayer can drop weapon (impulse 17/bound to backspace)
2005-11-30 strahlemannupdated shader
2005-11-07 savagexcommit 1.2.1 game media