hlac fix: proper size for textures, smaller scope, reposition of 1st person view
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / scripts / evil4_techtrims.shader
2008-03-21 div0replace evil4 shaders by simpler stuff (revert when...
2008-02-09 div0LOTS of shader bugfixes (stages for files that don...
2006-11-25 div0Version := 2.2svn
2006-08-10 strahlemannupped light emitted by evil4_lights/s_light
2006-06-10 savagexfix a broken light shader for slimepit
2006-05-30 savagexfix evil4_metals/mtltekfloor
2006-04-27 lordhavocfixed light texture in nexdm05
2006-04-20 lordhavoccleanup
2006-01-30 strahlemannadded new map "Soylent Space" as nexdm14
2005-11-07 savagexcommit 1.2.1 game media