bugfix target_spawn, and change docs to match it
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / scripts / entities.def
2008-10-16 div0bugfix target_spawn, and change docs to match it
2008-10-16 div0allow target_spawn to edit entities too
2008-10-14 div0MOAR stuff ;)
2008-10-14 div0forgot spawnflags
2008-10-14 div0experimental target_spawn entity that should be able...
2008-10-09 div0"message2" for hurt triggers
2008-10-05 div0fix assault brush entities
2008-10-03 div0func_static, misc_gamemodel (better radiant support...
2008-09-28 div0LOD for misc_models and similar entities
2008-09-17 div0support race_place -1 to mark a qualifying-only finish...
2008-09-07 div0text fix
2008-09-07 div0trigger_multiple: add ALLENTS spawnflag (to respond...
2008-09-07 div0rename trigger_items to target_items (Radiant sucks)
2008-09-07 div0add precaching to trigger_items; make it support a...
2008-09-05 div0more portal race fixes
2008-09-05 div0add missing functions
2008-09-05 div0trigger_items
2008-09-04 div0update entities.def; add working inv_weapon9
2008-09-02 div0new weapon (no models for it yet, and still using debug...
2008-08-29 div0laser: also support detectors
2008-08-29 div0func_plat: wait -1 makes it seamless
2008-08-29 div0trigger_multivibrator
2008-08-28 m0rfarChanged default respawn times for 2 items.
2008-08-28 div0more laser madness (now: dark lasers, pulsating laser...
2008-08-26 div0more particles fixes
2008-08-26 div0new entity: misc_follow
2008-08-26 div0misc_laser: optimization and bugfix, and documentation...
2008-08-26 div0oops, forgot entities.def for misc_laser
2008-08-26 div0"wait" property
2008-08-26 div0func_pointparticles (untested)
2008-08-10 div0add notes
2008-08-09 div0info_player_race
2008-08-09 div0fix Qualifying mode for race; make teleporters able...
2008-08-08 div0"race" game mode (beginning)
2008-07-21 m0rfarFor now take out _deacal.
2008-07-21 m0rfarAdded compiler-only entitiy _decal
2008-07-21 m0rfarRemove unused assault.def.
2008-07-21 div0update trigger_impulse description; fix formatting...
2008-07-09 div0fix bboxes of items to match FL_ITEM
2008-07-09 div0fix func_door description
2008-07-05 m0rfarAdded Nexuiz specific compile options, based on compile...
2008-07-03 div0default for trigger_hurt.dmg
2008-07-03 div0add missing gridsize default
2008-07-03 div0reformat
2008-07-03 div0It is done! A brand new entities.def file for Nexuiz...
2008-07-03 div0oops, remove some wiki syntax from the entities.def
2008-07-03 div0some stuff for ZeroRadiant, and a preliminary new entit...