make the cameras actually work
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / qcsrc / warpzonelib / client.qc
2010-02-28 div0make the cameras actually work
2010-02-28 div0camera support: func_warpzone_camera -> target_position...
2010-02-28 div0optional better warpzone culling: cl_warpzone_usetrace
2010-02-28 div0better rick roll angle handling - cube map is now almos...
2010-02-28 div0disable the sidespeed/forwardspeed disabling workaround...
2010-02-28 div0hide the glitch when warpzone changes angles by almost...
2010-02-28 div0use r_drawexteriormodel to hide graphics glitch
2010-02-28 div0fix nearclip threshold
2010-02-28 div0properly transport projectiles
2010-02-28 div0nex also supports warpzones now
2010-02-28 div0MinstaNex now can shoot through warpzones... using...
2010-02-28 div0server culling camera support
2010-02-28 div0more warpzone fixes - now angled warpzones work too
2010-02-28 div0make warpzonelib depend less on Nexuiz
2010-02-28 div0warpzonelib - the beginning