healthbars for sprites (currently unused)
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / qcsrc / server /
2009-06-23 div0healthbars for sprites (currently unused)
2009-06-23 div0rename another field
2009-06-23 div0rename a field in waypointsprites
2009-06-23 div0HUD fixes v3; breaking currentammo :(
2009-06-23 div0directhit fix;
2009-06-23 mrbougomake the radar change potentially usable for other...
2009-06-23 mrbougonexball: little something I forgot to commit: show...
2009-06-23 div0undo the skin index restriction
2009-06-22 div0potential fix for clones
2009-06-22 div0fix loop in sound_allowed
2009-06-22 div0fix teleport bit handling: only when restarting the...
2009-06-21 div0animinfo: treat more than 3 tokens not as error (as...
2009-06-21 div0forbid the fbskin when forcing player models
2009-06-21 div0when forcing models, do not allow the fbskins
2009-06-21 div0fix latest commit ;)
2009-06-21 div0actually read sv_clforceplayermodels
2009-06-21 div0PLAYER MODEL FORCING. Highly experimental. cl_forcemode...
2009-06-20 div0fix bot_sound_monopoly cvar
2009-06-20 div0new cvar bot_sound_monopoly allows only bots to make...
2009-06-20 div0fix crash in bot clear queue
2009-06-18 div0avoid using the same bot name again
2009-06-18 div0new parameter "leadlimit", abort the game if someone...
2009-06-18 mrbougoupdate cvar hashes
2009-06-17 div0add a new .float maycheat ;)
2009-06-17 div0make bot command reading faster :P
2009-06-17 div0work around another fteqcc bug...
2009-06-17 div0new mutator: g_weaponarena none ;)
2009-06-16 tzorkquick-fix for turret_flac
2009-06-16 mrbougofix electro impact sound precache... thank you Ronan! :P
2009-06-15 mrbougonexball changes: tweak bounciness using the new DP...
2009-06-14 div0prefer waypoints of distance < 500 when finding random...
2009-06-13 div0up attempts from 10 to 30
2009-06-13 div0new cvar check :(
2009-06-13 div0fix zoomstate networking
2009-06-13 div0louder tuba please
2009-06-13 div0remove a double classname assignment; improve description
2009-06-13 div0DP_SV_BOUNCEFACTOR
2009-06-13 div0two minor HUD patches; more persistence for bot scripti...
2009-06-13 div0bot scripting: be more persistent in moveto command...
2009-06-13 div0undo mand1nga's revert, and make it conditional on...
2009-06-13 div0bot script: change var placeholder from $ to @ to not...
2009-06-12 mand1ngaLess greediness + minor tweaks
2009-06-12 mand1ngaReverted the changes in tracewalk calls introduced...
2009-06-12 div0menu cleanups
2009-06-12 div0crifle: make a cvar whether to reload on switch, but...
2009-06-12 div0yay! dynamic assignment of places for bot scripting :)
2009-06-12 div0don't count DEATH_TELEFRAG against non-players as hit
2009-06-12 tzorkde-junk vehicles/racer.qc slightly.
2009-06-12 tzorkwops
2009-06-12 tzorkvehicles server & client code, disabled by default...
2009-06-12 div0fix last commit
2009-06-12 div0barrier: only wait for bots that actually have commands
2009-06-12 div0remove debug code from barrier (making bots yellow...
2009-06-12 div0fix bot barriers, add a "load" command to bot_cmd
2009-06-12 tzorkGet rid of g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_target_range_fire...
2009-06-12 div0bots scripting: use a string buffer now
2009-06-12 div0try to fix the world write bug in RadiusDamage
2009-06-11 mand1ngaNew cvar bot_ai_enemydetectionradius for limiting bots...
2009-06-11 div0s/ogg/wav/
2009-06-11 div0new cvar g_telefrags
2009-06-11 div0jetpack attenuation is now a cvar
2009-06-11 div0- fix aimtotarget in bot scripting
2009-06-11 div0fix bot moveto command and routing... now all bots...
2009-06-11 mand1ngaSupport for accuracy stats by Diabolik. See your stats...
2009-06-11 mand1ngaFix compiler warnings
2009-06-11 mand1ngaChoose same weapons for non-player enemies
2009-06-11 mand1ngaBunch of fixes and improvements to ONS ai
2009-06-10 mand1ngaUse SV_ParseClientCommand instead of clientcommand
2009-06-10 mand1ngaMake bots use the #~½¬&<hr>·@!Tuba if available ;)
2009-06-10 mand1ngaFix ftqecc warning
2009-06-10 mand1ngaMore fixes for bot command moveto
2009-06-10 div0why &, use ==
2009-06-10 div0add some missing precaches
2009-06-10 div0remove a debug lightning
2009-06-10 mand1ngaFixed bot command moveto
2009-06-10 div0bots: minor fixes, still not good...
2009-06-10 div0minor fixes for bots scripting
2009-06-10 div0restricted spawnpoints (1 = bot only, 2 = human only)
2009-06-10 div0bot scripting: new commands movetotarget, aimtarget.
2009-06-09 div0bots now play the tuba too ;)
2009-06-09 div0also force chase cam in tuba arena
2009-06-09 div0alos handle the case of no bot command being queued
2009-06-09 div0little optimization for bot command searching
2009-06-09 div0cvar bot_god: god mode for bots
2009-06-08 div0CTF flag effects
2009-06-08 div0remove a print
2009-06-08 div0tuba: display some smoke ;)
2009-06-08 div0tuba: support the new notes :P
2009-06-08 div0tuba: +jump = octave higher (need to make ogg files...
2009-06-08 div0tuba: more blood out of ears; work around pain animatio...
2009-06-08 div0tuba: let blood come out of the ears ;)
2009-06-08 mand1ngaDon't execute commands while dead
2009-06-08 mand1ngaAdded resetqueue bot command
2009-06-08 div0make wait_until relative to time of the sv_cmd
2009-06-08 div0bot scripting: fix a bug that allows only one command...
2009-06-08 div0make tuba tuning depend on colormap, not player#
2009-06-08 div0only spawn tuba in developer or cheats mode
2009-06-08 div0don't disable the WEP_TUBA any more
2009-06-07 div0tuba: don't hurt team mates, they have ear plugs matchi...
2009-06-07 div0fix antilag AGAIN ;) (this time, if antilagged bullets...