fix damn bug in the angle :P
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / qcsrc / server / waypointsprites.qc
2008-10-02 div0fix damn bug in the angle :P
2008-10-02 div0new waypointsprite system, onslaught not yet supported
2008-06-03 div0and here was another one
2008-06-03 div0oops... huge bugs in the spawnfunc patch... it also...
2008-06-01 div0change all spawn functions to use the spawnfunc_ prefix...
2008-01-22 div0minor fixed for Onslaught + sprites
2007-04-30 div0game mode "keyhunt", still in testing
2007-04-18 div0set lowprecision whereever possible
2007-04-16 div0make the "no attachment + nodepthtest" path set attachm...
2007-04-16 div0attachment + EF_NODEPTHTEST is a notwork. Once fixed...
2007-04-16 div0no setorigin in waypoint sprites (havoc);
2007-04-13 div0sorry, forgot this file