support for announcer/male/impressive and announcer/male/headshot ;)
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / qcsrc / server / w_porto.qc
2008-10-09 div0more death types (now weapons know whether the hit...
2008-10-06 div0minor portals fix again :P
2008-10-05 div0do not generate that many porto weapons :P
2008-10-04 div0fix MrBougo's portal bug
2008-10-03 div0get rid of more warnings
2008-09-11 div0if we can't get our own portal missile model, at least...
2008-09-11 div0sounds by Tenshihan for the Port-O-Launch... but not...
2008-09-10 div0make portal shot REFLECT off playerclip
2008-09-09 div0improve the last fix
2008-09-09 div0prevent an exploit to create portals on noimpact
2008-09-08 div0check if the player touches a checkpoint, and ignore...
2008-09-08 div0fix portal vanishing
2008-09-07 div0add debug code
2008-09-07 div0make strength make the porto grenades faster
2008-09-06 div0better portal messages
2008-09-05 div0re-enable porto item on race, as it now is safe
2008-09-05 div0reduce warnings
2008-09-05 div0odd, but sometimes I get collisions to a SOLID_TRIGGER...
2008-09-05 div0more portal race fixes
2008-09-05 div0more behaviour fixes for race+portals
2008-09-05 div0trigger_items
2008-09-05 div0more portal gun changes
2008-09-04 div0in race game mode, there cannot be a porto
2008-09-04 div0g_weaponreplace_*
2008-09-04 div0fix portal math
2008-09-03 div0fix the porto
2008-09-03 div0make the minstagib Nex a separate weapon
2008-09-03 div0Porto (untested): secondary fire button "holds" the...
2008-09-03 div0some weapon system fixes; allow infinite portals to...
2008-09-02 div0fix wrong ammo type
2008-09-02 div0fix Port-O-Launch