Scaled the weapon models down about 30% to match 2.5.2 sizes. Except the tuba, I...
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / qcsrc / server / tturrets /
2010-02-24 tzorkfix warning
2010-02-24 esteeladd a missing ;
2010-02-24 tzorkTurret fusionreactor:
2010-02-18 tzorkBetter "drop to ground" for vehicles and moving turrets.
2010-01-11 tzorkEhh.. make last commit work.
2010-01-11 tzorkcheck for broken md3 models in engine, cry & die if...
2010-01-11 tzorkAll turrets: Get rid of TFL_TURRCAPS_HEADATTACHED,...
2009-12-20 div0- rename sys_ticrate global to sys_frametime, and premu...
2009-12-02 div0added some missing vars
2009-11-04 tzorkMinor turret tweaks.
2009-09-22 tzorkeWheel now use .framegroups to save network traffic.
2009-09-16 tzorkMake multiple turrets a bit less of a cpuhog by spreadi...
2009-09-11 div0fix ballistic bullet compression
2009-09-08 tzorkTurrets update:
2009-09-07 div0remove a print from turrets
2009-09-06 tzorkMake turrets faster, part 1.
2009-09-04 mand1ngaRefactored goal stack into an array
2009-08-26 tzorkFix turrets bboxes.
2009-08-05 tzorkFL_NOTARGET for buttons and no expensive classname...
2009-07-28 mand1ngaDon't shoot at buttons
2009-07-23 div0undo the most stupid change to RadiusDamage EVER
2009-07-18 mand1ngaFix accuracy stats (#400)
2009-07-08 div0warning-only fixes
2009-07-08 div0fix warnings
2009-06-30 div0eof fixes for all qc, qh, c filesd
2009-06-30 div0eol-style only
2009-06-16 tzorkquick-fix for turret_flac
2009-06-12 tzorkvehicles server & client code, disabled by default...
2009-06-12 tzorkGet rid of g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_target_range_fire...
2009-06-11 div0s/ogg/wav/
2009-04-28 div0fix a typo in walker code
2009-04-23 tzorkmake verb owner a param of verbstack_push.
2009-04-13 tzorkSpawnflags TSL_NO_RESPAWN
2009-04-13 tzorkMove turret models precache to spawnfunc_
2009-03-29 tzorkadd spawnflags:
2009-03-29 tzorkFix warnings
2009-03-27 tzorkWops. crash fix.
2009-03-27 tzorkBetter walker and ewheel.
2009-03-23 tzorkFix dual plasma (now uses both barrels)
2009-03-23 tzorkfix turret NaN crash due to runaway angles.
2009-03-23 tzorkFix a possible (but unlikely) error in turret_do_updates
2009-03-22 tzorkMassive turrets updates.
2009-03-19 div0make turrets work again
2009-02-11 tzorkMake all turrets use csqc projectiles
2009-02-11 tzorkmake TFL_DMG_HEADSHAKE work
2009-02-09 div0death to fireBullet
2009-02-04 tzorkmake turret head's hittable (with separate .heath's...
2009-01-29 div0fix a typo in turret code
2009-01-29 div0minor reordering of code in target selection, should...
2009-01-29 div0make all assignments to SendEntity go through Net_LinkE...
2009-01-19 div0fix the fly sounds
2009-01-19 div0fix BAD typo here :(
2009-01-16 div0do bouncing client side (sound is still server side)
2009-01-15 div0forgot this one
2009-01-15 div0csqcprojectiles: make them more readable; make turrets...
2009-01-15 div0properly use the base volume for turrets
2009-01-15 div0properly stopsound the rocket fly sound
2009-01-10 div0make voice sounds a bit louder again
2009-01-09 tzorkTurret should now work in ONS.
2009-01-01 esteelfixed those two x++ warnings
2008-12-15 div0friendly fire/team damage/mirror damage change; warning...
2008-10-29 tzorkturret_stdproc_use team changes the turret to its ...
2008-10-29 tzorkturret_stdproc_use team changes the turret to its ...
2008-10-29 tzorkOops forgot unit_ewheel.qc
2008-10-29 tzorkUpdated pathlib.qc
2008-10-28 tzorkFixed mismatch of takedamage in death/respawn vs initia...
2008-10-24 tzorkrenamed src files. to much turrets/turret_something...
2008-10-24 tzorkBetter inactive turrets handling. cvar for enforcing...
2008-10-23 tzorkbasic TFL_DMG_DEATH_NORESPAWN support (.damage_flags).
2008-10-23 tzorkmake walker validate its .target as a walker_checkpoint...
2008-10-23 tzorkOops forgot turret_unit_walker.qc
2008-10-23 tzorkThe walker is back.
2008-10-23 tzorkAnother round of turret updates.
2008-10-23 div0reverse the logic of the turrets flag
2008-10-23 div0fix turrets for onslaught: default them to have no...
2008-10-13 tzorkTurrets precache fixed. Turrets now work with ONS.
2008-10-09 div0more death types (now weapons know whether the hit...
2008-10-03 tzorkTurret updates #2 sound channels usage and some optimiz...
2008-10-02 tzorkTurret updates.
2008-07-21 tzorktZork's turrets, code part (disabled by default, see...