add a crude version of <math.h> to QC
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / qcsrc / server / movelib.qc
2009-11-07 div0add a crude version of <math.h> to QC
2009-11-04 tzorkVehicle updates.
2009-10-21 div0fix warning
2009-06-30 div0eol-style only
2009-06-12 tzorkGet rid of g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_target_range_fire...
2009-03-27 tzorkLib updates
2009-03-22 tzorkpathlib changed to use with AStar.
2009-03-11 lordhavocadded dpm weapon support
2009-01-09 tzorkTurret should now work in ONS.
2008-12-15 div0friendly fire/team damage/mirror damage change; warning...
2008-11-01 tzorkFunctions for easy access to steering, pathing and...