add a missing cvar
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / qcsrc / server / g_tetris.qc
2009-09-11 tzorkAlways use setorigin
2009-09-02 div0fix bogus "unreachable code" by changing the break...
2009-08-09 div0fix the bucket
2009-08-09 div0make the bucket work
2009-08-09 div0switch I with J for better coloring
2009-08-09 div0bucket-of-seven randomization
2009-08-09 div0tetris: SRS rotation
2009-08-09 div0comment fix
2009-08-09 div0make tetris easier to play (better tiles)
2009-08-09 div0add two newlines :P
2009-08-09 div0more gameover time; newline fix
2009-08-09 div0recolor tetris start message
2009-08-09 div0adjust tetris levels to match gameboy tetris better
2009-08-09 div0tetris: no longer switch fonts
2009-08-09 div0working tetris VS mode!
2009-08-09 div0properly clear the centerprint of tetris
2009-08-09 div0partial VS support for tetris; all that's missing is...
2009-08-08 div0impluse cleanup
2009-08-08 div0hehe, make it look better lined up
2009-08-08 div0proper key repeat for tetris
2009-08-08 div0tetris: fix rotation; set impulse from 200 to 100;...
2008-07-01 div0change all function declarations (except builtins and...
2008-06-30 div0use the button macros everywhere
2008-03-17 blub0Finally tetris key handling is in it's perfect state...
2008-03-17 blub0changed tetris keypress detection, now also works when...
2008-03-17 blub0fixed tetris tile-moving
2008-03-04 esteelsmall changes to make tetris work again by just uncomme...
2006-06-12 lordhavocrenamed and moved all gamec/*.[ch] files to *.q[ch]