match up documentation because it now uses double quotes
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / qcsrc / server / extensions.qh
2009-11-14 div0match up documentation because it now uses double quotes
2009-11-14 div0document getextresponse
2009-11-08 div0log() function is now a builtin (this means we need...
2009-10-24 div0DP_QC_ENTITYSTRING
2009-10-24 div0documented joints
2009-10-21 div0preliminary declaration of jointtype, and make misc_fol...
2009-10-20 div0add DP_PHYSICS preliminary API so maps can already...
2009-10-20 div0merge extensions with dpmod
2009-06-13 div0remove a double classname assignment; improve description
2009-06-13 div0DP_SV_BOUNCEFACTOR
2009-05-20 div0new supercontents flags: BOTCLIP (matching Q3's botclip...
2009-04-15 div0experimental system for music synced particle effects...
2009-03-21 div0DP_QC_GETTIME, sv_cmd time
2009-03-18 div0merge entities.def (ZQ_PAUSE)
2009-03-18 div0use checkpvs() for bot waypointing
2009-02-17 div0make use of EF_TELEPORT_BIT for weapon animation
2009-02-17 div0merge extensions.qh
2009-01-23 div0document the new extensions
2009-01-22 div0DP_SV_ONENTITYPREPOSTSPAWNFUNCTION - hooks before and...
2009-01-08 div0reformat qcstatus explanation
2009-01-08 div0new cvar g_full_getstatus_responses to annoy qstat...
2008-12-29 div0DP_NULL_MODEL
2008-12-27 div0use DP_QC_TOKENIZE_CONSOLE if available
2008-12-10 div0added a simple way to sync ban lists online via a http...
2008-09-12 div0add DP_QC_URI_GET
2008-08-08 div0use DP_SV_QCSTATUS to show frags to qstat again; make...
2008-07-11 div0add WritePicture
2008-07-02 blub0Committed my CSQC stuff, let's see:
2008-06-01 div0change all spawn functions to use the spawnfunc_ prefix...
2008-03-15 blub0my 'hello commit', i hope I didn't miss anything.....
2008-02-27 div0DP_QC_URI_ESCAPE
2008-02-21 div0merge dpextensions.qc
2008-01-19 div0make use of DP_SV_SHUTDOWN
2008-01-19 div0database, stringbuffer and FTE_STRINGS for menu QC;
2008-01-19 div0ifdeffed out database support
2007-08-06 div0update extensions.qh;
2007-06-26 div0banning, kicking and banning in voting, some display...
2007-05-22 lordhavocfix W_SetupShot calls to not have any start points...
2007-04-01 div0- now using a fresh dpextensions.qc
2007-02-03 lordhavocadded DP_SV_PRINT extension
2006-06-12 lordhavocrenamed and moved all gamec/*.[ch] files to *.q[ch]