sync crosshair effects to weapon switch delay
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / qcsrc / server / cl_client.qc
2009-10-15 div0sync crosshair effects to weapon switch delay
2009-10-15 div0sorry, FruitieX, I had to rename the database fields...
2009-10-14 fruitiexFix the race server best and speed award by sending...
2009-10-13 fruitiexspeed awards for CTS!
2009-10-13 fruitiexmore cleanups and bugfixes to the race hud code
2009-10-11 fruitiexshow server record on the hud (race/cts)
2009-10-01 lordhavocallow firing weapons on subframes (client moves) for...
2009-09-29 div0keyhunt: new HUD (less buggy I hope)... but needs to...
2009-09-27 div0a reset facility for weapon properties... should help...
2009-09-20 div0only autorespawn in cts or qualifying
2009-09-20 div0improve impulse 30/141 for cts
2009-09-11 div0more antilag fixes
2009-09-10 div0work around engine weirdness in antilag
2009-09-08 div0random weapon arena: try to ensure the weapon ALWAYS...
2009-09-08 div0Random Mutator Day: RANDOM WEAPON ARENA. You spawn...
2009-09-06 div0move antilag player recording elsewhere, as per suggest...
2009-09-01 div0do not rot/regen fuel when using unlimited ammo
2009-08-30 div0add a subsystem to set players on fire (unused)
2009-08-19 tzorkFix constant flyby sound for nex when spectating nex...
2009-08-16 div0individual hitplot
2009-08-14 div0cts/race: enable cl_movecliptokeyboard (new in engine...
2009-08-09 div0tetris: no longer switch fonts
2009-08-09 div0allow playing tetris while spectating
2009-08-08 div0tetris: fix rotation; set impulse from 200 to 100;...
2009-07-31 mand1ngaPrevent players from joining after the match ended...
2009-07-29 div0do not set a movetype for spectators...
2009-07-23 div0undo the most stupid change to RadiusDamage EVER
2009-07-19 div0fix ANYPOINT selection
2009-07-18 mand1ngaFix accuracy stats (#400)
2009-07-15 m0rfaraccuracy stats spec fix
2009-07-13 div0remove model forcing feature until further notice,...
2009-07-12 div0do not apply kill delay in qualifying (race/cts) rounds
2009-07-12 div0bye bye "Race", hello "CTS" and "Race" (in mapinfo...
2009-07-11 div0fix "randomly stuck at spawn" bug
2009-07-11 div0experimental race penalty time system (entity fields...
2009-07-10 div0fix odd warning
2009-07-10 div0rifle: invert the meaning of the bulletcounter field
2009-07-01 div0fix uncustomizing player entities
2009-06-30 div0LOD (cl_playerdetailreduction) enabled now, master...
2009-06-30 div0some LOD stuff fixes
2009-06-30 div0some player CEFC fixes
2009-06-30 div0change LOD code to support the models the way morphed...
2009-06-30 div0fix two bugs in health/armor/fuel rot rewrite
2009-06-29 div0rot/regen system cleanup; hopefully no actual change
2009-06-24 div0- healthbars for players with attached sprite (flag...
2009-06-23 div0HUD fixes v3; breaking currentammo :(
2009-06-23 div0undo the skin index restriction
2009-06-21 div0forbid the fbskin when forcing player models
2009-06-21 div0when forcing models, do not allow the fbskins
2009-06-21 div0fix latest commit ;)
2009-06-21 div0PLAYER MODEL FORCING. Highly experimental. cl_forcemode...
2009-06-18 div0new parameter "leadlimit", abort the game if someone...
2009-06-17 div0add a new .float maycheat ;)
2009-06-13 div0fix zoomstate networking
2009-06-11 div0jetpack attenuation is now a cvar
2009-06-10 div0restricted spawnpoints (1 = bot only, 2 = human only)
2009-06-09 div0also force chase cam in tuba arena
2009-06-03 mrbougofix silly bug causing 100% cpu by file reading
2009-05-31 div0less leaks for everyone
2009-05-30 div0rocket guiding: no revenge from the grave
2009-05-27 div0- move RandomSelection to misc/
2009-05-26 mrbougonew gib types: alien and robot_shiny, and blood types...
2009-05-16 div0forbid LOD models if ALLOW_VARIABLE_LOD is set
2009-05-12 div0the "noobhud": a HUD that does not show armor and healt...
2009-05-12 div0items: randomize initial spawn of powerups fully
2009-05-11 div0hook now takes fuel
2009-05-10 div0hit plot fix of closing file handle -1
2009-05-10 div0hitplot writing
2009-05-02 div0revert many fteqcc workarounds, as Blub has a patch...
2009-04-29 div0minstagib: make players always fullbright again
2009-04-28 div0try working around fteqcc -r3178 bug
2009-04-22 mrbougoNexball goes official :D
2009-04-21 div0Try fixing bug on
2009-04-17 div0sv_cheats 1: show all players on team radar
2009-04-16 div0compat fix for ame7q3tny1
2009-04-13 div0leave the "oldorigin" field on player entities alone...
2009-04-08 div0fix typo in shield finished timer
2009-04-07 div0use -1 as team numbers for spectators (PLEASE TEST)
2009-04-07 div0better indicqation of strength running out
2009-03-31 div0some minor centerprint fixes
2009-03-30 div0jetpack: item_jetpack now has a model
2009-03-30 div0more consistency regarding fuel
2009-03-30 div0I forgot an item we need:
2009-03-30 div0fix the remaining bugs in fuel support
2009-03-30 div0jetpack: add a "fuel" ammo type, and use that - and...
2009-03-28 div0shut up about "zero modelindex" if the player is dead...
2009-03-27 div0now REALLY make sure jetpack sound turns off
2009-03-27 div0turn off jetpack sound when dead
2009-03-27 div0jetpack fly sound
2009-03-26 div0jetpack fuel HUD
2009-03-20 div0use the walk movetype instead, hope it's better
2009-03-20 div0clear onground while dragging
2009-03-20 div0dragging: that bounce is annoying :P
2009-03-20 div0don't change angles of submodel
2009-03-20 div0fix spawning from spectator mode (no longer cause a...
2009-03-20 div0prevent bugs with dragging a player while he dies
2009-03-20 div0entity dragging: make it more gravity gun-like
2009-03-19 div0actualyl, let's not reset FL_ONGROUND after dragging...
2009-03-19 div0let stuff unset onground after being dragged
2009-03-19 div0block movetype while dragging