try fixing the addition of CA
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / qcsrc / menu / nexuiz / dialog_multiplayer_create_mapinfo.c
2009-12-18 div0try fixing the addition of CA
2009-11-10 fruitiexCommit the new clan arena mod, as well as make the...
2009-08-07 div0rename the OK button to Close in the map info dialog
2009-08-04 div0CTS and Nexball in mapinfo dialog
2009-02-05 div0[ 2557216 ] rearranged some elements on the mapinfo...
2008-11-12 div0alpha=1 here was a bad idea
2008-08-12 div0add Race game type to the menu
2008-07-19 m0rfarShow if a map has Onslaught support in mapinfo dialog...
2008-06-17 div0cleanup of victim's patch for a Play button
2008-01-28 div0possibly kill the tempstring warnings when saving games...
2008-01-23 div0gotoXY -> gotoRC (misnaming)
2008-01-23 div0menu-div0test -> menu