add "pause" button to server list in mneu
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / qcsrc / menu-div0test / nexuiz / dialog_multiplayer_join.c
2008-01-11 div0add "pause" button to server list in mneu
2007-11-12 div0add "clear" button in join dialog
2007-11-10 div0made server filter work! Hooray, JOIN dialog is complete!
2007-11-10 div0inputboxing!
2007-11-09 div0make server list dialog larger
2007-11-09 div0add empty/full filters
2007-11-07 div0change "" references and tests to string_null whereever...
2007-11-05 div0It can join servers now!
2007-11-05 div0add somehow broken server list, far from done yet