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2009-10-03 div0unmark fireball for LMS
2009-09-01 div0[NOT FOR 2.5.2] fireball weapon: code changes, cfgs
2009-07-20 div0[11:57:02] <@LordHavoc> div0: or just remove the seeker...
2009-06-11 mand1ngaSupport for accuracy stats by Diabolik. See your stats...
2009-06-07 div0get the tuba out of the weapon arena menu
2009-06-06 div0Here it is: the @!#%'n Tuba.
2009-05-11 div0hook now takes fuel
2009-03-11 div0-allweapons
2008-12-28 div0next bot patch by mand1nga
2008-12-23 div0New stuff:
2008-12-18 div0fix showweaponspawns
2008-12-12 div0weapon priority lists: allow the impulse numbers (230...
2008-12-09 div0fteqcc now supports more than 8 macro args - use them
2008-11-28 div0this porto isn't a superweapon :)
2008-11-09 div0make it not depend on an uncommitted fix to fteqcc...
2008-11-09 div0new weapon arena menu controls, enjoy! Original code...