Replaced water levels with meaningful constants
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / qcsrc / common / gamecommand.qc
2009-03-08 div0a new "fexists" rpn command to just check if a file...
2009-03-07 div0provide access to time to cfg files
2009-03-06 esteeladd 'addtolist' to 'qc_cmd help'
2009-03-06 div0use less temp strings for shuffling, should work safely...
2009-03-06 esteelSMALL feature, qc command addtolist to only add a strin...
2009-03-06 div0better maplist shffle method
2009-03-06 div0add a TODO comment :P
2009-03-06 div0add a "g_maplist_cleanup" command; fix reverse logic...
2009-02-09 div0nobody will bruteforce THIS one :P
2009-01-07 div0more rainbow power
2009-01-07 div0uups :P
2009-01-07 div0a new string rewriting command :P
2009-01-02 div0add a "crc16" rpn command
2009-01-02 div0fix teh radio brlogen
2008-12-29 div0fix argc for THE command
2008-12-29 div032 is a rounder number :P
2008-12-29 div0use an integer count of gradients
2008-12-28 div0more brlogen
2008-12-28 div0fix random call :P
2008-12-28 div0improve the test command
2008-12-26 div0fix the test command;
2008-12-26 div0menu: add a color picker for player names
2008-12-11 esteeli hate hitting return at the wrong time.. not my day
2008-12-11 esteeldoh, no time to fix those dependencies right now
2008-12-11 esteeldoh, no time to fix those dependencies right now
2008-12-11 esteeladded sv_cmd suggestmap.. admins wanna have fun too :P
2008-10-14 div0random does not ceil. Fixed.
2008-10-11 div0Experimental new tokenizer (should now be 1:1 compatibl...
2008-08-29 div0get rid of some old unused code
2008-06-13 blub0added rpn cmds to store, load, and clear the database
2008-03-19 blub0centerprint command available for the client via menu_c...
2008-03-19 blub0sry, used true instead of TRUE in the rpn, which does...
2008-03-19 blub0fixed RPN set functions, added a DB object to it and...
2008-01-25 div0enhanced the RPN calculator a bit; improved extendmatch...
2007-11-21 div0fix maplist editing commands for mapinfo
2007-04-15 div0now using DP_SV_CMD/DP_QC_CMD; removed cvar abuse by...