also fade out radar and waypoints, fix showpressedkeys bg not fading out
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / qcsrc / client / teamradar.qc
2009-09-13 fruitiexalso fade out radar and waypoints, fix showpressedkeys...
2009-06-10 div0teamradar HUD hack so it can be at the right
2009-06-10 div0FruitieX's new HUD, except for the teamradar changes
2009-05-12 div0fix team radar pings
2009-05-02 div0revert many fteqcc workarounds, as Blub has a patch...
2009-04-28 div0try working around fteqcc -r3178 bug
2009-04-23 div0remove all 2.4.2 compatibility code (do not merge this...
2009-02-24 div0remove a slipped-in debug print
2009-02-24 div0fix cl_teamradar_foreground_alpha (the blendfunc it...
2008-12-24 div0fix size of minimap
2008-12-24 div0csqc: fix position of waypoints in intermission
2008-11-26 div0allow 32 concurrent radar pings
2008-11-06 div0support v_flipped
2008-10-22 div0fix latest commit
2008-10-22 div0better handle the case of missing minimap
2008-10-22 div0- experimental CSQC change: get rid of old ONS team...
2008-10-22 div0remove debug print
2008-10-22 div0more stuff in the team radar
2008-10-11 div0use DRAWFLAG_SCREEN for team radar now (warning: breaks...
2008-10-10 div0new teamradar alpha defaults, should look better and...
2008-10-10 div0fix team radar FG alpha default
2008-10-09 div0argh... last typo there
2008-10-09 div0fix typo in radar
2008-10-09 div0cl_teamradar_foreground_alpha cvar
2008-10-08 div0this file has to match defaultNexuiz.cfg
2008-10-08 div0add an engine check before using the MIPMAP flag
2008-10-06 div0updated entcs, less of a bandwidth hog
2008-10-04 div0try to detect missing minimap and show no radar
2008-10-04 div0cl_teamradar_position
2008-10-04 div0more teamradar features (zoom mode)
2008-10-04 div0cl_teamradar_size cvar
2008-10-04 div0use the new mipmap drawflag
2008-10-03 div0fix negative cl_teamradar_scale
2008-10-03 div0make "cl_teamradar 2" use the new radar in Onslaught...
2008-10-03 div0radar update: allow negative teamradar scale to switch...
2008-10-03 div0less warnings
2008-10-03 div0local player gets black border; hide radar when scorebo...
2008-10-03 div0cl_teamradar_scale
2008-10-03 div0draw radar dots BELOW players
2008-10-02 div0fix damn bug in the angle :P
2008-10-02 div0new waypointsprite system, onslaught not yet supported
2008-10-01 div0teamradar updates
2008-10-01 div0add a line around the arrow in the radar to balance...
2008-10-01 div0more in the team radar
2008-10-01 div0experimental team radar (try: cl_teamradar 1)