menu now ALWAYS works in a subwindow of 5:4 aspect, scaled to just fit in. Should...
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / physicsHavoc.cfg
2009-11-12 samualUpdate physicsSamual.cfg, and add sv_stopspeed to all...
2009-09-18 div0enable doublejump for Q2 physics
2009-07-12 div0normalize formatting of physics cfg files
2009-05-08 div0add sv_gravity to the physics settings files
2009-05-07 div0Wsw-like physics modes (needs current engine from svn)
2009-05-05 div0experimental CPMA-style physics mode (only server side...
2009-03-12 lordhavocmake physics nearly normal
2009-03-12 lordhavocupdated Havoc config
2009-01-05 esteelrenamed the "pro" mod to "havoc"