interesting metrics (idea by KrimZon) to maybe sort players in the
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / physics151b.cfg
2009-11-12 samualUpdate physicsSamual.cfg, and add sv_stopspeed to all...
2009-09-18 div0enable doublejump for Q2 physics
2009-07-12 div0normalize formatting of physics cfg files
2009-05-08 div0add sv_gravity to the physics settings files
2009-05-07 div0Wsw-like physics modes (needs current engine from svn)
2009-05-05 div0experimental CPMA-style physics mode (only server side...
2007-05-11 div0g_balance_jumpvelocity -> sv_jumpheight
2007-04-14 lordhavocweapons now have force settings
2006-05-26 div0generalized physics to have Quake-style and Nexuiz...
2006-05-26 div0QBFplus
2006-05-26 div0physics test cfg files