renamed to
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / menu /
2006-06-20 savagexadd a switch to the game options to toggle g_throughfloor
2006-06-14 kadaverjackfixed deluxemapping switch
2006-06-12 esteelfixed a small gap on the campain menu
2006-06-11 esteeladded r_hdr to menu, waiting for engine :)
2006-06-11 esteelAdded first working crosshair color controls to menu
2006-06-10 esteelUpdated Docs and removed cl_autodemo from menu
2006-06-07 div0menu mouse speed slider
2006-06-07 m0rfartypo
2006-06-05 kadaverjack- added sampling rate/channels to sound menu (changing...
2006-06-05 esteelupdated demo menu and examples in server.cfg
2006-06-05 esteelDemo menu is much better now. Scrollbar still missing
2006-06-04 esteeldemo menu now easier, need to recompile menu.dat
2006-06-01 esteelaccidently commited parts of the new demos menu with...
2006-06-01 esteeladded low, default and high graphical setting config...
2006-06-01 m0rfarAdded 'disable gibs' options in player menu
2006-05-28 esteelMain menu buttons no longer get colored when selected
2006-05-28 esteelMenu adjusted to fit this new style made by Morphed
2006-05-25 kadaverjackfixed fov slider in menu & updated FAQ for 1.6 release
2006-05-25 vermeulenChanges made to the campaign menu. It still has a large...
2006-05-22 esteelAdded campaign menu
2006-04-30 savagexadd Offset Mapping to effects menu
2006-04-21 div0New mutator "cloaked": makes everyone have 25% alpha.
2006-04-20 savagexupdate menu: r_shadow_glsl was renamed to r_glsl
2006-04-17 kadaverjacknew gamemode: arena
2006-04-15 blackRevert first change in the trunk.
2006-04-15 blackRename menu[qc] to oldmenu[qc].
2006-04-08 kadaverjack- removed cl_particles menuswitch
2006-04-05 esteelThe laser got a small viewkick
2006-04-03 kadaverjackmenu switch for deluxemapping and some console messages...
2006-03-30 div0NixNex no longer honors g_start_weapon_laser but now...
2006-03-28 div0Moved NixNex down in the menu to fit lexicographically
2006-03-28 div0cl_movement_friction_on_land support; NixNex added...
2006-03-16 kadaverjackweapon stay option and health regenerates to 100 now
2006-03-16 kadaverjack- fixed typo in video modes
2006-03-10 kadaverjack- minplayers doesn't spawn bots on empty servers anymore
2006-03-09 kadaverjackraised armor shards on nexdm12 so they don't fall throu...
2006-02-24 esteelcorrected norecoil menu entry / changed cvars to say...
2006-02-20 savagexminimum particle quality 0.1
2006-02-20 lordhavocadded g_norecoil cvar (and put it in menu), the code...
2006-02-19 esteelcorrected a few keys and added ready to menu
2006-02-19 kadaverjacksome more keys in options->controls and squished some...
2006-02-17 lordhavocadded g_spawnshieldtime and g_midair_shieldtime to...
2006-02-17 savagexcl_particles_quality is 0.5 by default now (1.0 can...
2006-02-16 lordhavocfixed creategame weapon menu, and made some matching...
2006-02-15 lordhavocrenamed almost all weapon cvars, added distinct cvars...
2006-02-15 savagexlimit particle quality to 1 in the menu and allow 0...
2006-02-12 blackFix the valuebuttons being cut off by too small window...
2006-02-12 kadaverjack- changed gl_picmip to 1 by default
2006-02-11 kadaverjack- "Kenny is ready" message for the ready button
2006-02-11 esteelrenamed credits.txt to nexuiz-credits.txt to avoid...
2006-02-09 savagexnew effects default (bloom on but rtlighting off)
2006-02-09 kadaverjackfixed laser switch-to-last-weapon bug
2006-02-08 kadaverjack- anisotropy/gl_picmip switches, dropweapon/show_info...
2006-02-07 savagexnex damage set to 150
2006-02-05 savagexeven more conservative defaults (800x600 w/o bloom)
2006-02-02 esteeladded crosshair 6 to menu
2006-02-02 savagexnew range for crosshair size
2006-02-02 savagexreduce max brightness to sane levels
2006-01-27 savagex- old loading screen now in attic
2006-01-09 esteelnew instant action button
2006-01-08 esteelprimitive version of instant action
2005-12-29 esteelcolor control is now a switch instead of a slider
2005-12-27 esteelhw gamma is now a switch instead of a slider
2005-12-27 esteelcolor 0 now has a graphic too
2005-12-26 savagexuse new color gfx for player setup menu
2005-12-18 blackRemove support for "green" from selectteam and change...
2005-12-17 savagexplayer options: rename Team color to Pants color
2005-12-13 kadaverjackfixed bots (no more spectating bots at mapchange) and...
2005-12-12 lcatlnxwelcome announcer sound switched
2005-12-12 esteellms now has a menu of its own
2005-12-12 esteelminstagib/lms menu entries
2005-12-10 blackAdd
2005-12-08 blackRemoved menu/options/ since it has never been...
2005-12-05 blackFixed the crosshair selection.
2005-12-03 blackIgnore GameMode and add support for lms_ (Last Man...
2005-11-27 blackChanged the background transparency to solid and remove...
2005-11-22 savagexnow supporting shirt colors
2005-11-21 savagexadd autoswitch option to menu
2005-11-11 savagexfix naming collision (Seperator)
2005-11-11 lcatlnxweaponsounds, defaultmodel, electrocombo, specmode...
2005-11-10 esteelhoming missles from Wazat, minor menu corrections
2005-11-09 esteelnew menu from morphed
2005-11-07 savagexrename menu directories