r_ambient 0 again; added menu option for it
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / menu / options / player.menu
2007-05-15 esteelthe 'reset' in the player menu was pushed too far down
2007-04-13 div0menu changes to autoswitch/shownames/showgibs now take...
2006-12-03 m0rfarmy changes from branch
2006-12-02 m0rfarAdded settings "Crosshair Alpha" to menu
2006-11-25 esteelBasic multi-campaign menu support,
2006-08-20 savagexadd cl_showplayers to the menu (Player options)
2006-06-11 esteelAdded first working crosshair color controls to menu
2006-06-01 m0rfarAdded 'disable gibs' options in player menu
2006-04-15 blackRevert first change in the trunk.
2006-04-15 blackRename menu[qc] to oldmenu[qc].
2005-12-17 savagexplayer options: rename Team color to Pants color
2005-12-08 blackRemoved menu/options/game.menu since it has never been...
2005-12-05 blackFixed the crosshair selection.
2005-11-22 savagexnow supporting shirt colors
2005-11-21 savagexadd autoswitch option to menu
2005-11-09 esteelnew menu from morphed
2005-11-07 savagexrename menu directories