renamed to
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / maps /
2006-06-20 m0rfarTextured one caulked face under the stairs
2006-06-16 m0rfarAdded clip-brushes at 4 places.. just to make sure...
2006-06-14 vermeulenAdded Blue sky, moved the LMS level down two
2006-06-13 lordhavocadded waypoints for bluesky
2006-06-13 strahlemannadded (now it's the right one ;)
2006-06-13 strahlemanngit-svn-id: svn://
2006-06-13 m0rfars/dm/lms
2006-06-13 savagexnew picture for blue sky
2006-06-13 savagexadd Strahlemann's Blue Sky map
2006-06-12 lordhavocchanged final level back to starship DM, because LMS...
2006-06-12 div0can scale now
2006-06-12 savagexremove item_quad from warfare
2006-06-12 savagexadd "sounds" key to lift in warfare
2006-06-12 savagexsound for lift in warfare.ent
2006-06-12 lordhavocchanged campaign level descriptions
2006-06-12 savagexnew compile of bloodprison. To make sure the lighting...
2006-06-12 div0s/phrase/phase/
2006-06-12 m0rfarreverted my changes to the shader and bsp.. since it...
2006-06-11 m0rfarBloodprison:
2006-06-11 div0campaign is now CSV
2006-06-11 kadaverjack- added another waypoint on aneurysm
2006-06-11 kadaverjackfixed minstagib no ammo kill & added 2 more waypoints...
2006-06-10 m0rfarToxic:
2006-06-09 div0realigned
2006-06-09 lordhavocchanged textures on lift button to playerclip instead...
2006-06-08 div0DSI's not pining! DSI's passed on! This map is no more...
2006-06-08 vermeulenGot rid of the Dismal map in the campaign, since for...
2006-06-08 vermeulenGot rid of non-existent maps in the campaign mode.
2006-06-07 div0Now addng level numbers automatically
2006-06-06 m0rfartweaks
2006-06-05 m0rfaradded and changed some ambient sounds in Toxic
2006-06-05 m0rfarAdded 2 purple circles at MH spawn :)
2006-06-05 div0lossless jpegoptim run saving about 10 megabytes
2006-06-05 savagexfixed jumppads on evilspace and did some item tweaks
2006-06-03 savagexsome rtlights for farewell and warfare
2006-05-31 savagexcorrect scaling of bloodprison seems to be 1.2
2006-05-31 m0rfarfixed ent pos
2006-05-31 lordhavocremoved ramp-shaped playerclip brushes on stairs so...
2006-05-29 lordhavocchanged annoying e6btrim_light texture to e6supptrim...
2006-05-29 savagexfix z-fighting on Aneurysm
2006-05-29 div0bleach without the rocket-eating clip
2006-05-29 savagexMap Dismal is now CTF only
2006-05-29 m0rfarmore typos
2006-05-29 m0rfartypo
2006-05-29 savagexnew compile of warfare
2006-05-29 savagexrename nexdm06 to starship
2006-05-29 savagexmove Starship back into maps
2006-05-29 savagexmove DSI into attic as the source is lost and that...
2006-05-29 savagexrename maps
2006-05-29 savagexmove some maps out of the way... they don't meet our...
2006-05-27 strahlemannminor fixes to dm20
2006-05-27 strahlemanngit-svn-id: svn://
2006-05-26 strahlemannrelighted dm20. sunlight now comes from the direction...
2006-05-25 savagextypo
2006-05-25 savagexskill 1 for two first campaign maps
2006-05-25 savagexwaypoints for nexdm21 (rather crude)
2006-05-25 vermeulenA lot of campaign changes. It covers every map besides...
2006-05-24 savagexteam deathmatch for nexdm20 and nexdm21
2006-05-24 savagexadd some mapcfgs for nexdm21
2006-05-24 savagexfirst round of commits for nexdm21
2006-05-20 m0rfarMoved a spawnpoint from the wall, so players don't...
2006-05-18 div0-campaign_mapcfgname[], +campaign_gametype[], +campaign...
2006-05-17 savagexnexctf02: fix missing brush
2006-05-17 savagexonce again update nexdm18
2006-05-16 savagexrecompile of nexdm15
2006-05-15 savagexnexctf01 now deluxe-mapped
2006-05-15 savagexupdate nexctf02 (recompile with deluxemaps, one texture...
2006-05-15 savagexadd nexdm20 to the instantaction maps
2006-05-14 div0Needed more waypoints...
2006-05-14 savagexfix (now actually compiles)
2006-05-14 savagexnothing to see here
2006-05-14 savagexrecompile nexdm20 to fix some bugs (mostly clipping)
2006-05-14 savagexupdate .map file of nexdm20 to avoid getting stuck...
2006-05-13 div0Waypointed nexdm20
2006-05-13 savagexnew map: Farewell by Tymo (nexdm20)
2006-05-13 savagexupdate nexdm18_1on1remix a bit
2006-05-13 savagexupdate nexdm18 (changed some textures to they fit to...
2006-05-08 m0rfarnexdm01: Merged ent file to map and compile
2006-05-06 m0rfarMinimal fixes/adjustments
2006-05-06 savagexadd nexdm19 to instantaction
2006-05-05 div0Added a first attempt of detail reduction (just a stub...
2006-05-03 div0Waypoints.
2006-05-03 div0added tznex01 to the campaign; added compile script...
2006-05-02 div0- increased enemy search distance to about infinity
2006-05-02 div0new waypoints; campaign slightly adjusted
2006-05-02 div0Recompiled some maps with deluxemapping.
2006-05-01 div0more waypoints for nexdm03, nexdm07
2006-05-01 div0New waypoints for nexdm17
2006-05-01 div0g_balance_teams fixed and defaults to 0 again. If the...
2006-04-30 div0havocbots now play CTF!
2006-04-30 div0Waypointed a bit more.
2006-04-30 div0Also use disabled items as waypoints; save some memory...
2006-04-30 div0added forgotten waypoint; mutator_reset now sets the...
2006-04-30 div0Made more bot skills work (now the range from 0 to...
2006-04-30 lordhavocreplaced mauvebot and urrebot with havocbot (Urre didn...
2006-04-29 div0Redone campaign mode for better integration with the...
2006-04-26 div0Added a basic singleplayer campaign as an example....
2006-04-25 strahlemannadded new map "Blood Prison" as nexdm19
2006-04-17 kadaverjacknew gamemode: arena
2006-04-17 m0rfarTweaked the fences a little