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[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / gfx /
2005-12-21 aviroxAdded Urrebot
2005-12-21 aviroxCopied remotely
2005-12-17 kadaverjackfixed some bugs with scoretransfer on teamchange
2005-12-10 blackAdd the teamselect gfx (added a border to the buttons...
2005-12-03 savagexslightly change cursor so bilinear filtering won't...
2005-12-03 savagextidy up gfx
2005-12-03 savagexscaled menu background to be more memory friendly
2005-11-27 blackNew background, new cursor picture (less wasted space...
2005-11-12 savagexscaled more menu gfx to have power-of-two dimensions
2005-11-12 savagexresize menu background to have integer powers of two...
2005-11-09 esteelnew menu from morphed
2005-11-07 savagexcommit 1.2.1 game media