menu now ALWAYS works in a subwindow of 5:4 aspect, scaled to just fit in. Should...
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / gfx /
2009-12-02 m0rfarchanged icon for carrying flag + psd
2009-11-07 fruitiexadd accuracy stats to the scoreboard, replace accuracy...
2009-11-01 m0rfarsilver menuskin tweak
2009-10-30 div0listbox BG parameters by Samual
2009-10-25 samualNew conback image
2009-09-30 div0keyhunt HUD: show states of all keys like before, but...
2009-09-25 div0eggandbacon: get rid of seeker/fireball for now
2009-09-16 fruitiexCTF status change ping
2009-09-12 fruitiexuse a gradient for the accelerometer, dynamically chang...
2009-09-11 fruitiexlittle wickedz theme tweak
2009-09-11 fruitiexfix ingame menu bg so it does not look cut off on the...
2009-09-05 div0remove the stupid ingame bottom left image
2009-09-05 div0fix menu display at non-4:3 aspect ratio by drawing...
2009-09-05 div0new property for menu skins: ALIGN_BACKGROUND
2009-09-01 div0needs HUD icon too
2009-09-01 div0[for 2.5.2] fireball weapon DATA
2009-08-26 fruitiexwhoops, forgot these
2009-08-24 fruitiexstormkeep2!
2009-08-06 div0nr_piece-o-cake
2009-08-06 div0tooltip update
2009-08-03 mand1ngaRelease bump
2009-07-26 div0ggressor retexture my FruitieX (TraK textures come...
2009-07-20 div0continue --seeker
2009-07-14 div0race HUD
2009-07-10 div0more stuff we really don't need (yet)
2009-07-10 div0fixed some CHs ;)
2009-07-10 div0rifle bullet counter indicator
2009-07-05 m0rfarscoreboard update 1.2.1
2009-06-30 m0rfarNew scoreboard style by terencehill
2009-06-30 m0rfarcyberparcour01 update by sev. It should be easier for...
2009-06-28 m0rfarhudfixes v6 + new numbers + timerbg
2009-06-28 m0rfar...
2009-06-28 m0rfarhudfixes_v5
2009-06-23 m0rfar* New race map! CyberParcour01 by Sev
2009-06-23 div0HUD fixes v3; breaking currentammo :(
2009-06-20 div0new cvar bot_sound_monopoly allows only bots to make...
2009-06-12 tzorkforgot some media.
2009-06-11 mand1ngaUpdate tuba icon here too :)
2009-06-11 div0fix the recently committed palette
2009-06-11 div0add perl script to make the palette
2009-06-11 div0make blue team color brighter to match red
2009-06-10 div0sbar_color_bg_team
2009-06-10 div0tuba image ;)
2009-06-10 div0FruitieX's new HUD, except for the teamradar changes
2009-06-08 div0a crosshair for the tuba
2009-06-08 div0some new non-crappy crosshairs by z, making the other...
2009-06-02 mand1ngaUpdated menu background to 2.5.2
2009-06-01 div0tooltip skin fixes
2009-06-01 div0add tooltip.tga files
2009-06-01 div0wickedz tooltip image
2009-05-31 div0tooltip support for the menu (only the credits dialog...
2009-05-29 div0missing in last patch
2009-05-24 div0replace all TGAs here by TGAs written by ppmtotga ...
2009-05-23 mand1ngaPatch for more visible pressed keys (cl_showpressedkeys...
2009-05-12 div0make these pics poweroftwo while I'm at it
2009-05-12 div0new strength/invincible images
2009-05-12 tzorkgfx/colors/*.tga brokenness partially fixed.
2009-05-01 mand1ngaUpdated 2.5.1 background
2009-04-22 mrbougoNexball goes official :D
2009-04-20 m0rfarpatch by terencehill: modified the TAG icon to be a...
2009-03-30 div0fix sb_fuel image
2009-03-30 div0add a fuel icon to the sbar
2009-03-20 div0add lots of useful color tga files
2009-03-07 div0bugfix for the per-weapon crosshairs: make them visible...
2009-03-02 div0slightly less pixelated border of the LOADING text
2009-02-28 div0new loading.tga
2009-02-28 div0new conback.tga by FruitieX
2009-02-24 div0add a missing image to the menu skins (fixes notexture...
2009-02-24 div0new radarmap images by Roffnan
2009-02-23 morphedlots of weapon content changes, new models, new animati...
2009-02-19 mand1ngaUpdated menu backgrounds by [-z-]
2009-02-16 m0rfar[ 2605358 ] desertfactory : few items tweak by Ronan
2009-02-16 m0rfar* flipped TAG weapon icon
2009-02-11 mand1ngaUpdated background menu images for SVN and 2.5 by ...
2009-02-11 div0showpressedkeys.
2009-02-07 div0better graphics for strength and invisible timer; now...
2009-02-07 div0[ 2575008 ] Custom weapon crosshairs update, V1.1
2009-02-06 div0ready status indicator in scoreboard
2009-02-04 tzorkadd models/shotorg_adjuster.md3
2009-02-04 tzorkmodels/ax_planes.md3 for div0
2009-02-01 m0rfarNew CTP map. Accident by morphed.
2009-01-26 div0new CHs
2009-01-24 esteelenable showbrand by default to make sure to people...
2009-01-23 div0add the new skin params
2009-01-16 div0per-weapon crosshair images; too bad these are a failur...
2009-01-13 esteeloverhaul of the blueplastic skin
2009-01-08 esteelminor highlight/color changes for the new menuskin
2009-01-08 esteelmenu skin by FraNcoTirAdoR
2008-12-26 div0allow a mask for the color picker brightening/darkening...
2008-12-26 div0menu: add a color picker for player names
2008-12-25 morphedhlac fix: proper size for textures, smaller scope,...
2008-12-23 div0New stuff:
2008-12-22 div0even more CHs
2008-12-22 div0CH 15 updated
2008-12-22 div0new crosshairs by mikeeusa as posted on the NN forum...
2008-11-12 esteelRonans server info dialog
2008-11-07 div0fixtrans
2008-11-07 div0move the "shielded" icons to the right place
2008-11-07 div0git-svn-id: svn://
2008-10-27 esteelcorrected two skin authors