silver menuskin tweak
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / gfx / menu / wickedwhite /
2009-10-30 div0listbox BG parameters by Samual
2009-09-05 div0new property for menu skins: ALIGN_BACKGROUND
2009-08-06 div0tooltip update
2009-06-01 div0tooltip skin fixes
2009-06-01 div0add tooltip.tga files
2009-05-31 div0tooltip support for the menu (only the credits dialog...
2009-05-29 div0missing in last patch
2009-02-24 div0add a missing image to the menu skins (fixes notexture...
2009-01-23 div0add the new skin params
2008-12-26 div0allow a mask for the color picker brightening/darkening...
2008-12-26 div0menu: add a color picker for player names
2008-11-12 esteelRonans server info dialog
2008-10-27 div0add the new values to the skins
2008-10-26 div0update the menu skins
2008-10-26 div0skin selector by Ronan
2008-09-27 div0some TGAs saved with ImageMagick instead of whatever...
2008-08-17 m0rfarFix "Invalid key in skin file: MARGIN_INPUTBOX" for...
2008-08-10 m0rfarwicked menuskins 2.0 plus bigbuttons (copyd from normal...
2008-08-07 div0fix skinvalues for all skins
2008-08-04 m0rfarbuttongray_d .tga -> buttongray_d.tga
2008-08-04 m0rfarWicked menuskins. wickedblack as new default.