add csqc_flags cvar for client compatibility
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / defaultNexuiz.cfg
2008-07-10 blub0add csqc_flags cvar for client compatibility
2008-07-10 div0CSQC scoreboard now knows about fonts
2008-07-07 m0rfarAll cl_movement_* cvars should match sv_* equivalent...
2008-07-07 div0add support for capturelimit_override and capturelimit...
2008-06-30 div0sv_maxidle_spectatorsareidle
2008-06-30 div0forgot to add this
2008-06-27 div0cleanup of spawn code;
2008-06-20 div0server admin commands: movetoteam_*
2008-06-20 div0add :time: event by ]-z-[
2008-06-09 div0finally give track001 its right name
2008-06-07 div0Allow FORCING fog by the server (sv_foginterval 5 makes...
2008-06-07 div0- Rename CD track files to proper names
2008-06-02 div0yet another OS X workaround; this time: don't TC lightmaps
2008-06-01 esteel- Added a wait to the drop userbind to make the waypoin...
2008-06-01 esteel- Moved all the voting stuff into a file of its own...
2008-05-25 greenmarinenew timeout feature
2008-05-24 greenmarinenew feature: g_tourney
2008-05-23 div0make indirection default.cfg -> defaultNexuiz.cfg