entities.def update; new cvar checksums
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / defaultNexuiz.cfg
2009-04-15 div0entities.def update; new cvar checksums
2009-04-14 div0some v aliases
2009-04-14 div0new tracks:
2009-04-10 div0add rcon_secure 1
2009-04-09 div0TC 0, as it's ugly
2009-04-07 div0-dn-refueled
2009-04-06 esteeladd $g_nexuizversion to the hostname(s)
2009-04-02 mand1ngaMake the bunny hopping algorithm a little more robust
2009-04-02 div0slower fuel regen...
2009-04-02 div0we now have to take more fuel for the jetpack
2009-04-01 div0bump version in cfg
2009-03-31 div0fix weird sign in Don't camp message
2009-03-31 div0let fuel rot a bit slower :P
2009-03-30 div0more consistency regarding fuel
2009-03-30 div0I forgot an item we need:
2009-03-30 div0fix the remaining bugs in fuel support
2009-03-30 div0jetpack: add a "fuel" ammo type, and use that - and...
2009-03-28 div0g_shootfromfixedorigin cvar (fixed shotorg)
2009-03-27 div0add a cvar menu_updatecheck that can be used to turn...
2009-03-27 div0add some effects cvars
2009-03-26 div0jetpack: 3 ammo/sec. Finally this should be good.....
2009-03-26 div0make jetpack able to coexist with hook (only the weapon...
2009-03-26 div0slightly less control again, but more upwards speed
2009-03-26 div0jetpack: more control
2009-03-26 div0now twice as expensive (jetpack)
2009-03-26 div0cvar check
2009-03-26 div0new and better jetpack code and settings
2009-03-25 div0even less up speed
2009-03-25 div0jetpack: less upspeed
2009-03-25 div0cvar check
2009-03-25 div0fix jetpack acceleration
2009-03-25 div0feature not for 2.5: jetpack
2009-03-24 m0rfarinvisibility was too strong imo. raised alpha to 0.15
2009-03-24 div0campaign rename
2009-03-24 div0Downer + TDM
2009-03-24 div0skyway can KH
2009-03-18 div0sv_pogostick 1 (it's harmless, it can do nothing you...
2009-03-13 mand1ngaFixed addvote alias
2009-03-12 mand1ngaMore bots related cvars descriptions
2009-03-12 lordhavoctweaked ammo limits a bit in havoc
2009-03-12 lordhavocupdated Havoc config
2009-03-12 lordhavocadded sv_qcweaponanimation cvar
2009-03-10 esteelsmall typo in a cvar description
2009-03-10 esteelwhile i'm at it, also add my alias sv_restart
2009-03-10 esteellast checking works, so use gametype in server.cfg
2009-03-09 div0fix typo in a cvar name
2009-03-07 div0add an extra "map _init/_init" to allow changing maxplayers
2009-03-06 esteelSMALL feature, qc command addtolist to only add a strin...
2009-03-06 div0add a "g_maplist_cleanup" command; fix reverse logic...
2009-03-06 esteelmake the new server config loading more flexible
2009-03-06 div0Radical change (please test): allow sv_cmd commands...
2009-03-05 div0make movetoteam_auto votable, and movetoteam_<color...
2009-03-01 div0cl_bob 0.01
2009-02-28 div0update the default values for the weapon priority cvars...
2009-02-28 m0rfarsynced the default maplist (excluded turret_test)
2009-02-27 div0enable TC by default (thanks to morphed it's required...
2009-02-27 mand1ngaSlightly better bot aiming
2009-02-26 mand1ngaBots: Explained some bots cvars.
2009-02-26 div0remove "cat" completion
2009-02-24 esteeladded several new cvar explainations, changed some...
2009-02-24 div0per-weaon crosshair changes
2009-02-23 m0rfarNew dom points by ai
2009-02-23 esteeladded sv_vote_stop, the amount of time till one can...
2009-02-22 mand1ngaBots: Check for dangers when running
2009-02-22 div0make also CTF skin cvar'red
2009-02-22 div0new cvar check values
2009-02-22 div0also write a record marker for CTF (so one can extract...
2009-02-21 mand1ngaBots: Added bunny-hopping support :)
2009-02-20 div0fix cfgs
2009-02-20 div0g_ctf_flag_mdl_red
2009-02-20 div0nex beam stuff by green
2009-02-19 esteelmake ready toggle the readystate and remove the unready...
2009-02-19 esteelunready feature.. needs more testing though
2009-02-19 mand1ngaCommited timelimit_overtime patch by GreEn`mArine
2009-02-18 esteelend some % say-escapes with ^7 to make sure the text...
2009-02-17 esteelexplain cl_weaponpriorityX cvars
2009-02-15 esteelmake g_tourney 1 allow spectator chat during warmup
2009-02-13 mand1ngaBots: Removed bot_ai_facingwall_timeout as its not...
2009-02-13 mand1ngaBots: Set better values for facing-wall detection cvars
2009-02-13 mand1ngaBots: Avoid getting stuck against a wall, remove goals...
2009-02-12 div0turn off autotaunts by default; make sure the checkbox...
2009-02-11 mand1ngaAdjusted distances for bots weapon priorities
2009-02-11 div0bring Uzi back to old settings, make CR weaker, ballist...
2009-02-11 div0showpressedkeys.
2009-02-11 div0cl_casings cvar
2009-02-11 div0g_antilag_bullets:
2009-02-09 div0death to fireBullet
2009-02-07 div0[ 2575008 ] Custom weapon crosshairs update, V1.1
2009-02-06 div0pinata
2009-02-06 div0if we keep 11 as sbar fontsize, width should be 560
2009-02-06 div0make centerprint font size cvar-customizable
2009-02-06 div0[ 2556013 ] g_chat_nospectators allowing specchat durin...
2009-02-05 esteeladded some more cvar descriptions, mention the need...
2009-02-03 div01. bring prandom back, this time maybe in a working...
2009-02-02 div0enable fixed spawns again
2009-02-02 div0add cvar g_runematch_fixedspawns, default 0 (ignore...
2009-02-01 mand1ngaTurned aliases for rotating the camera into commands...
2009-02-01 div0cl_gibs_damageforcescale, cl_gibs_lifetime (idea by...
2009-01-31 div0bloodloss
2009-01-31 mand1ngaDemo camera refactoring