cvar checksums
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / balance.cfg
2009-10-11 div0cvar checksums
2009-10-09 fruitiexcvar hashes *sigh*
2009-10-09 div0cvar checksums for nexrun balance
2009-10-08 div0cvar checksums
2009-10-06 fruitiexcvar hashes
2009-10-04 div0cl_noantilag
2009-10-04 div0menu_vid_scale: add a slider to control size of HUD...
2009-10-03 fruitiexcvar checksums
2009-09-28 div0fix start health in balance.cfg
2009-09-28 div0hagar: support randomized lifetime on secondary (unused)
2009-09-28 div0balance adjustments according to the stats
2009-09-27 div0taken over HLAC changes
2009-09-27 div0refire2 for electro and fireball;
2009-09-27 div0fireball: also less laser radius, it was annoying
2009-09-27 div0fireball: less spam damage
2009-09-27 div0taken over most of havoc's balance for testing
2009-09-27 lordhavocmajor changes to havoc mode (including: electro combo...
2009-09-26 div0settings merger script; fix problems with casings reapp...
2009-09-26 fruitiexcvar checksums
2009-09-25 div0new waypoint debugging: impulse 108 marks all WPs that...
2009-09-24 div0forcehalflife for the nex too
2009-09-24 div0distance-based nex damage falloff option (not used...
2009-09-24 div0change weapons*.cfg to balance*.cfg, allow "exec defaul...