warning fix only
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / Makefile
2008-07-26 div0warning fix only
2008-07-13 blub0Changed mapvoting to use %i. instead of %i) as SavageX...
2008-07-13 blub0map previews when voting, g_maplist_textonly for old...
2008-07-08 div0add csprogs.dat
2008-03-24 div0oops, forgot this $(RM) command
2008-03-24 div0new target: make pk3
2008-03-24 div0fix bug in Makefile causing implicit rule qcsrc/menu...
2008-03-24 div0Makefile: add support for env vars $FTEQCC and $PERL
2008-03-24 div0add a Makefile for the progs/menu.dat files