sorry, FruitieX, I had to rename the database fields for top speed so they are separa...
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / changes-since-last-release
2009-07-19 mand1ngaUpdated some changes
2009-03-31 div0update changes list :P
2009-03-13 mand1ngaUpdated bots changes again
2009-03-13 mand1ngaUpdated changes in bots
2009-02-24 div0updated changes list
2009-02-20 esteelalso added engine changes since last release
2009-02-20 esteelsync changes-since-last-release with the devwiki improv...
2009-02-20 div0fix rev no
2009-02-20 div0update changes list
2009-01-31 div0update change list
2009-01-17 mand1ngaUpdated some changes
2009-01-15 esteelpro is now havoc, just minor nitpicking but one more...
2008-12-28 div0new change list
2008-12-12 div0updtae change list
2008-11-27 div0changes
2008-11-04 div0update change list
2008-10-26 div0add skin selector
2008-10-26 div0more changes
2008-10-14 div0more changes
2008-10-07 div0update change list
2008-09-09 div0update the changes list
2008-09-05 div0update changes list
2008-09-02 div0remove the reverted change
2008-08-30 div0more changes
2008-08-30 div0forgot some more changes
2008-08-30 div0forgot one
2008-08-30 div0forgot rev#
2008-08-30 div0changelog of the "interesting" stuff... please update...