updated the quality configs to be much more appropriate
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / attic /
2007-02-06 esteelcompile.sh IS obsolete
2006-12-05 esteelattic is better then deleting them
2006-11-09 kadaverjackmoved navnodeedit & TeamNexuiz to attic
2006-08-30 kadaverjackremoved .extralives
2006-07-06 div0Spawnpoint fix for DSI. Whoa, a change to attic!
2006-06-13 savagexreadme.txt for attic
2006-06-09 savagexsav-greaysky1 into attic
2006-05-30 esteelremoved (moved to attic) all explosion sprites
2006-05-29 savagexMap Dismal is now CTF only
2006-05-29 savagexmove Starship back into maps
2006-05-29 savagexmove dsi into attic
2006-05-29 savagexmove some maps out of the way... they don't meet our...
2006-04-15 savagextry out some new loading message
2006-04-11 savagexmove nexdm11 (Ruins of Slaughter) into attic
2006-02-18 kadaverjack- all rocket launcher models are using the same texture...
2006-02-13 savagexnexctf02 has no info_player_deathmatch spawnpoints...
2006-02-09 esteeladded crylink to nexdm15
2006-02-09 kadaverjackfixed laser switch-to-last-weapon bug
2006-02-08 kadaverjackmove old nexskin to attic
2006-01-27 savagex- old loading screen now in attic
2005-12-29 savagexswitch to memory saving sprites. Several megabytes...
2005-12-19 kadaverjackadded Morphed's Mulder skin and moved maps/unused to...
2005-12-17 savagexmove ztnex01.txt into attic
2005-12-17 savagexmove nexdmxx.txt into attic (not used anymore, dm_nexdm...
2005-12-12 kadaverjackfixed wrong carni skin and added Morphed's "Armored...
2005-12-03 savagextidy up gfx
2005-11-23 savagexlycanthrope now is default skin for lycanthrope.zym...
2005-11-23 savagexproperly move lycanthrope into attic
2005-11-23 savagexwolf is new default skin for lycanthrope
2005-11-23 savagexmove unused skin textures into attic
2005-11-23 savagexheroine is new default skin for jeandarc.zym
2005-11-23 savagexquark is new default skin for crash
2005-11-23 savagexfricka is new default skin for visitant.zym
2005-11-23 savagexmove unused skins into attic