updated the quality configs to be much more appropriate
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / Docs /
2007-03-15 esteelupdated and reworded the FAQ a bit
2007-03-15 esteelremoved clientcommands
2007-03-03 esteelmade more stuff in server.cfg comments so it will use...
2007-02-28 esteelremoved a few 'set' from variables to make things look...
2007-02-27 esteeladded cl_netinputpacketlosstolerance 0
2007-01-16 esteelmerged branch and trunk Docs / bumped trunk version...
2007-01-16 esteelcorrected links to wiki in Docs in Docs/server (its...
2006-12-10 esteelused a more generic filename in the FAQ
2006-12-10 esteeladded %p to say-escapes.txt
2006-12-03 div0remove stupid requirement to manually call g_maplist_sh...
2006-12-03 div0doc improvements about maplist shuffle
2006-12-03 div0g_maplist_selectrandom deprecation
2006-12-02 div0chat bubble status --> scorelog
2006-12-01 kadaverjackchanged menuqc path in FAQ
2006-11-05 kadaverjackremoved navnodeedit from FAQ
2006-06-24 m0rfargit-svn-id: svn://svn.icculus.org/nexuiz/trunk@1666...
2006-06-24 m0rfarCorrected and Updated Docs/mapping.txt
2006-06-21 esteelrenamed nexuiz-linux.sh to nexuiz-linux-sdl.sh
2006-06-21 div0added file name of curl_urls.txt
2006-06-16 kadaverjack- merged morfar's chatbubble fix from trunk
2006-06-10 esteelUpdated Docs and removed cl_autodemo from menu
2006-06-06 div0changed example URL to a sample
2006-06-06 div0Typos. Typos. I HATE TYPOS.
2006-06-06 div0added map download documentation
2006-06-06 esteelCorrected Docs to say Nexuiz 2.0
2006-06-05 esteelupdated demo menu and examples in server.cfg
2006-06-02 esteelcorrected vote commands, skill level and maplists
2006-06-01 esteelAdded short info and example files for dedicated servers
2006-06-01 esteeladded low, default and high graphical setting config...
2006-05-25 kadaverjackfixed fov slider in menu & updated FAQ for 1.6 release
2006-05-24 div0documented "say" escapes
2006-04-08 div010012 missing
2006-04-07 div0event log can list mutators now
2006-04-06 div0event log now shows who's a player and who's a bot
2006-04-05 div0Added logging support for rune match; logging is now...
2006-04-04 div0g_maplist fixed (was only set to the first map before...
2006-04-03 div0sv_logspam_console now logs domination, too.
2006-04-03 div0sv_logspam_console documented, victim's items aren...
2006-03-08 kadaverjack- updated gtkradiant info in FAQ
2006-03-07 kadaverjackupdated/"recompiled" FAQ
2006-03-07 esteelstupid typo corrected, thanks KadaverJack
2006-03-07 esteelupdated nexuiz version, added/removed/corrected servera...
2006-03-07 savagexReadme.htm: bump version to 1.5.1
2006-02-12 savagexremoved the "we're valid HTML" bla bla. Apparently...
2006-02-12 savagexupdated Readme (thank you green)
2006-02-12 savagexupdate a bit
2006-02-09 kadaverjacktossed weapons now have more ammo and can be immediatel...
2006-02-09 kadaverjackreadme for scorelog format
2006-02-08 kadaverjacklinux binaries are now named *-686-*, not *-x86-*
2006-02-08 kadaverjack- anisotropy/gl_picmip switches, dropweapon/show_info...
2006-02-06 savagexbump version to 1.5
2006-02-04 kadaverjack- version number in FAQ is now 1.5
2006-02-02 kadaverjack- fixed playercount in lms
2006-01-05 kadaverjackadded development section to faq and changed makefile...
2005-12-27 esteelsmall typo corrected (cl instead of ccl)
2005-12-27 kadaverjackremoved missing sounds
2005-12-09 savagexReadme.htm: Version 1.3
2005-12-09 kadaverjackadded FAQ and moved all help files to Docs/